KY Goes Back To The ’50s, Advances Bill To Discriminate Against Interracial Couples

The Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision in 1967 effectively made interracial marriage legal, and forbade discrimination on the grounds of disagreement and bigotry against such marriages. This is the year 2016, so you’d think this would be an issue that is in the dustbins of history at this point, right? Wrong. Kentucky is taking us all back to the dark days of legalized segregation and racial discrimination, as their state legislature is currently advancing a bill that would legalize discrimination against interracial couples. The bill, called SB 180, says in part:

‘Protected activities’ means actions by people commissioned, employed, hired, retained, or otherwise used by the public or the government to provide customized, artistic, expressive, creative, ministerial, or spiritual goods or services, or judgments, attestations, or other commissions that involve protected rights;
‘Protected activity provider’ means a person who provides protected activities; and
‘Protected rights’ means the rights of persons to be free from governmental actions that impair, impede, infringe upon, or otherwise restrict the exercise of any right guaranteed by the United States Constitution or the Constitution of Kentucky, including but not limited to a person’s right of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and right to peaceable assembly.

So in other words, if your boss is a racist and finds out your spouse is of a different race from you, he can fire you. The bill is obviously aimed LGBT people, but it is so broadly worded that at this point, it could mean literally anything — including and especially related to interracial dating and marriage. The worst part of it all is that these people can hide behind “religious beliefs” to discriminate, and there is no provision in the bill for legal recourse on the part of the victims of this discrimination.

And if you think this won’t happen, think again. There are still PLENTY of people who oppose “race mixing” and anything they perceive to be against the bible in that arena. This will truly turn back the clock on civil rights like we’ve never seen before if this horrendous bill becomes law.

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