Trump Supporters Give Nazi Salute, Tell Reporters To ‘Go To F*cking Auschwitz’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump may deny that his appeal among right-leaning individuals is deeply rooted in Nazism, but it’s becoming more and more difficult for him to distract from who his supporters really are. The billionaire, who has made headlines for tweeting out white supremacist propaganda and for gaining the unwavering support of racists across the nation, repeatedly says the things that many conservatives wish they could say without getting kicked out of a restaurant or losing their jobs — Muslims should not be allowed to enter the country, Mexicans are all rapists, beating up black people is perfectly fine as long as it’s done in his name (he’ll even pay the legal fees for anyone who does it).

In January, an analysis of Trump’s Twitter traffic revealed that not only were 68 percent of the people he retweeted the week of January 26 white supremacists, but that 58% of the top 50 white supremacist Twitter accounts follow Trump — figures even The Donald’s most die-hard detractors likely did ‘Nazi’ coming. White supremacist groups campaign for Trump fairly regularly, so it is unsusprising that many Nazis feel quite at home at his rallies…especially since Trump recently worked the good ole ‘Sieg Heil’ into his events in the form of a f*cked-up loyalty pledge.

On Saturday, video surfaced of Trump’s supporters doing what they do best. The footage, apparently shot as Trump fans were leaving the event and were full of Trumpitude, shows numerous supporters tossing up the Nazi salute that has almost become a symbol for the 2016 hopeful.

One man, wearing a backward baseball cap and a New York Yankees t-shirt, took things a goose-step father than a simple salute, though.


If you can identify this man, please message me via any of the methods of contact in my bio. –John

The unidentified man told a Dutch reporter and protesters:

“Go to Auschwitz. Go to f*cking Auschwitz!”

Other supporters followed up with their own Hitler salutes, and all the while the crowd chanted, “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

While, surely, these individuals simply want to “make America great again,” one must question why they feel it necessary to emulate one of history’s most horrible dictators while doing so.

These supporters aren’t the first, nor will they be the last, to “Sieg Heil” for The Donald as they scream for black people to “Go back to Africa.” Recently, a 69-year-old woman in a Trump t-shirt was photographed tossing up her own Nazi salute, though she says she was simply showing protesters how to perfom the action properly. She’s totally not a Nazi. Neither are the folks who tossed up their own salute as they screamed for people to be thrown into concentration camps.

They just love America. Right? RIGHT?

Watch the chilling scene unfold below:

Featured image via screengrab