Rubio Flubs Florida And Calls It Quits – Fox Claims He’s Victim Of Voters ‘Punishing GOP’ (VIDEO)

The results are in and the biggest loser of the night is… Marco Rubio. Rubio came in a paltry 27 percent compared to Trump’s 45 percent in the Florida Republican primary. As a result, Rubio officially threw in the towel and brought a merciful end to his 2016 presidential campaign.

Rubio had lackluster results leading up to Florida, managing only to win Minnesota. Despite the media’s confusing narrative that Rubio was the big winner for coming in third place, it turned out that wasn’t enough to convince the residents of his home state to give him a victory. Ted Cruz came in an even more distant third place at 17 percent, clearly showing that Florida is having none of the Republican establishment’s selection of recommended nominees this year.

Rubio had many faults of his own that relegated him to the circle of GOP losers, such as embarrassing debate performances where he couldn’t stop repeating the same line over and over again and going all-in on a contest of insults and trolling with Trump. However, another theory has been considered by the pundits at Fox News that could be spelling doom for Cruz and Kasich as well.

During post-primary analysis, Bill O’Reilly and Bret Baier entertained the theory that Trump’s massive win is a result of Republican voters wanting Trump as a form of “punishment” against both the GOP establishment and Hillary Clinton. It’s been very clear that GOP voters are heavily favoring outsiders this cycle, due to their party’s satisfaction with sitting and doing nothing for the past 7 years in Washington. Couple this with their irrational and paranoid hatred of Hillary Clinton, and you have the perfect environment for favoring an “authoritarian” candidate, that will seriously attack both the establishment and Hillary. It’s like they’re in a feeding frenzy and Trump’s the only one with the food.

It’s rare this happens, but O’Reilly makes some sense here. Republicans created this rage monster out of their own voter base in 2008 to work against Obama. When they weren’t looking, Trump turned it against them and there doesn’t seem to be a damned thing they can do to stop it from destroying their entire party.

Watch Fox News’ analysis of the Florida primary results below:

Featured image via nydailynews screen capture