NBC Gets Brutal With Donald Trump, Releasing The Video He Never Wanted Us To See (VIDEO)

NBC’s Today show took the gloves off against Donald Trump on Wednesday morning, rolling a video compilation that will no doubt leave the vainglorious candidate red-faced with rage.

Fresh from his victory in Florida, which ended the campaign of home-town candidate Marco Rubio, Trump moves a step closer to becoming the presumptive Republican candidate for President. But NBC rained on his parade by releasing the video he never wanted us to see. The compilation underscores the lack of integrity of the candidate.

In the video, Trump is being asked about a powerful new ad against him, funded by the Our Principles PAC, in which women read out the toxic comments Trump has made against other women.

Introducing the segment, host Matt Lauer takes a clip of Trump speaking on Good Morning America on Tuesday, and follows up with his statements on Today just a few minutes later, revealing how the candidate gives a totally different story in each interview.

“This is what happened: He talked to ABC first. … Here’s what he said when asked about that ad,” Lauer states, rolling the footage.

We see Trump on Good Morning America, stating that:

“Well, you know, I have seen it. And it was a Romney deal,”

Lauer then moves to the second clip, saying:

“Just a couple minutes later, he appeared live on this show. Here’s what he had to say,”

In the next clip, filmed literally minutes after his previous statement, Trump has a completely different story.

“Honestly, I have not seen the ad. So I would have to see it. I have heard about the ad, but I have not seen the ad.”

So, just minutes apart, Trump has gone from saying that not only has he seen the video, but claiming to know that Mitt Romney is behind it — to revealing that he hasn’t even seen the footage.

So far the Trump campaign has made no formal response to the video, but it is highly embarrassing for the candidate who claims to be bringing a fresh, plain-speaking approach to politics. But of course, it’s no surprise to anyone actually bothering to fact-check Donald Trump. After all, a recent study by Politico which analyzed more than 40 hours of footage from the Trump campaign found that candidate lies on average every five minutes. That might entertain some who are viewing this election campaign as if it were a reality show, but if Trump makes it to the White House, those voters will be join their fellow Americans in a reality most will find unbearable.

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