Right-Wing Sheriff: We Don’t Need Rape Kits, Most Allegations False (VIDEO)

We definitely live in a rape culture, and one of the most infuriating parts of that is the huge backlog of untested rape kits around the country. For instance, after Detroit finally was taken to task regarding rape kits that sat for years in an old warehouse, more than 100 serial rapists were identified.

Now, the state of Idaho is advancing a bill that is designed to force crime labs and law enforcement to clear the backlog and stop shifting rape kits to the back burner. However, there is one sheriff in that state who is not at all happy about that. In fact, Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland’s comments on the matter are downright infuriating. He said:

“I really believe the Legislature needs to take a strong look at allowing law enforcement to do their job and not try to dictate what we need to do. I think they’re trying to help, I really do. They need to let us decide if we’re going to send the kit and when we send the kits in.”

“Because the majority of our rapes, not to say that we don’t have rapes, we do, but the majority of our rapes that are called in, are actually consensual sex.”

This is reminiscent of old Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments. What these idiots need to realize is that if ANYTHING sexual transpires that a partner wasn’t okay with, and (s)he said to stop, THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF RAPE.

Luckily, pressure was put on Rowland for his comments, and he at least attempted to apologize. However, the apology is now deleted from his Facebook page, so he likely didn’t mean it anyway. It can be read at Jezebel.

Rep. Melissa Wintrow took Rowland to task for his reckless remarks, saying:

“Many times people are focused on a woman’s behavior, and the victim’s response. when we should be thinking about what are we teaching men in this society. What are we teaching young boys and men about how we should not initiate or cross any physical boundary without consent.”

That’s right. Stop blaming and not believing the victim. This is why so many victims suffer in silence and don’t report.

Watch the video news report below, via local station KIDK:

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