Right-Wing Terrorist Planned To Overthrow West Virginia Government With Violent Coup

This is what Republicans have created by embracing right-wing extremism. They own this.

In a plot that would have made the Bundy standoff in Oregon look like a schoolyard brawl in comparison, right-wing extremist Thomas David Deegan called for seizing the West Virginia state government by force and then executing several state leaders after a kangaroo court hearing presided over by so-called sovereign citizens.

Deegan was busted after the conference call he made calling for right-wing extremists to launch a violent armed attack on the state capitol building was acquired by law enforcement. After listening to the recordings, it only took the jury an hour to come back with a guilty verdict.

“We are at war,” Deegan said during one call. “The more that come to Charleston, the less [likelihood] for bloodshed. If you see the police coming and pulling up in a vehicle, I suggest you shoot them.”

Again, this is the extremism that the Republican Party has built. They have literally been validating, excusing, and glorifying conservative extremism for decades. And now they have even invited extremists to become part of the mainstream which is why Donald Trump is about to win the GOP presidential nomination and why we see violence at his rallies on a consistent basis.

Rather than condemn right-wing extremists, Republicans welcomed them and now they feel more emboldened then ever before, which is why the Bundy family was able to engage in two standoffs with the federal government in three years and why the number of right-wing terrorist groups has risen in recent years.

Make no mistake, this could have ended up as a full blown domestic terrorist attack by right-wing extremists against a state government, and while Deegan’s plot failed, you can bet that there are other right-wing extremists and right-wing groups that are quietly cooking up some future takeover effort with all the new shiny guns Republicans are letting them have by the weakening of gun laws. And next time Republicans could really have blood on their hands.

Featured image: Wikimedia