This Proof Of Evolution In Humans Will Make Conservative ‘Christians’ Explode With Rage (VIDEO)

Conservatives constantly insist that there is no proof of human evolution, but after watching this video they might tear their own bodies apart just to destroy the evidence contained within.

In a video released by Vox, a narrator clearly explains how humans have proof of evolution inside their own bodies that are leftover pieces from our past that we no longer need because we evolved.

“Your body is a temple, but it’s also a museum of natural history,” the narrator says in the introduction.

“Look closely and you’ll see parts that aren’t there because you need them, but because your animal ancestors did. No longer serving their previous function, but not costly enough to have disappeared, these remnants of our deep history only make sense within the framework of evolution by natural selection.”

The video goes on to list several body parts that some people have that are not necessary such as a vestigial muscle in the forearm that can be seen by placing the top of your wrist on a flat surface and touching your pinky with your thumb. Some people have this long tendon band that is commonly found in lemurs and monkeys that need it to grip tree limbs. Approximately 10 percent to 15 percent of people are missing that tendon because we don’t “scramble through trees” anymore.

Then there are the three muscles attached to our outer ear. These muscle remnants were once a useful nocturnal tool for detecting the direction of sounds and is still found in cats and other mammals. But we have evolved from needing these muscles because we no longer need to survive in the wild forest at night.

Goosebumps are yet another leftover vestigial group of muscles, albeit tiny ones, that activate in the effort to increase the amount of space for insulation, which is useless to humans now because we are no longer covered with fur like other mammals.

Humans also once had tails, but they are yet another vestigial body part that has disappeared over time because we evolved to no longer need them, so the tail cells die before a full tail develops, which is why we only have tail bones while other mammals develop full tails. As it turns out, human embryos look similar to other vertebrates at 4 weeks in development, complete with a tail. Some humans are still born with a tail that is surgically removed.

The video then talks about the palmar grasp reflex, which is found in human babies as well as chimps and other monkeys that allow them to grip whatever is put in their hand. Incredible footage from the past shows a baby holding on tightly to a bar while hanging down, thus demonstrating our “inner monkey.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

This video about human evolution is similar to a video demonstrating the evolution of hippos and whales and how they are related to each other.

While that video also made conservative “Christians” blow a gasket, this latest video featuring human evolution ought to make them absolutely explode. So it’s perfect to share with any conservative you know. And then just sit back, relax, and watch the fireworks.


Featured image via screen capture