Ever Wonder What 10,000 People Screaming ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ Sounds Like? (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is terrible, but he’s the perfect representative for the Republican Party. As a racist xenophobe who probably wants to f*ck his own daughter, The Donald has absolutely no issue convincing conservatives that he is the perfect person to represent their interests. Lately, we have seen Americans rapidly shift from considering the 2016 hopeful to be a complete joke, to attempting to ignore him, to finally realizing that he is a true threat and taking a stand against him.

From the protest in Chicago that frightened Trump so much that he had to flee the city, to the roadblock formed in Phoenix to “quarrantine” the mentally-diseased right-wing superstar, Americans are (finally) unwilling to tolerate Donald Trump’s presence. Collectively, our nation is screaming “f*ck Donald Trump” — something we can see illustrated in a video from the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. During an afternoon set, MAKJ stopped the music to comment on a sign one of the attendees was holding.

“F*ck Donald Trump,” the DJ said as he tossed a middle finger into the air. “I see that sign back there. I see you.” MAKJ then led the crowd of 10,000+ in screaming “f*ck Donald Trump” before returning to the music.

Hearing this crowd of young people take a stand, however small, against the hatred espoused by Trump and his followers is heartwarming. While he is popular with the elderly and the “poorly educated” (a group he especially “loves”), the rest of us just stare in horror when we realize that he is going to be the Republican nominee. We’ve seen Trump give his supporters permission — repeatedly — to beat black men at his rallies. He tweets out white supremacist propaganda and retweets Klansmen (in a single week in January, 62% of his retweets were white supremacists). And, of course, he wants to throw Muslims in concentration camps and build a wall to keep brown people from crossing into the United States from Mexico.

Conservatives view him as exactly the man America needs to take us back to the “good old days” when black people were common tree decorations in the South — but the rest of us just want him gone.

F*ck Donald Trump.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screengrab