Seth Meyers Destroys The Central Economic Myth Of The GOP In One Brutal Sentence (VIDEO)

Late Night host Seth Meyers has delivered an explosive attack on the central myth of GOP economics by blowing up the Kansas scandal of Gov. Sam Brownback. In one brutal sentence, Meyers summed up the disaster economics of the Republican party, pointing out that they “wrecked the Kansas economy so bad they had to auction off d*ldos for cash.”

Republican Gov Sam Brownback presided over the total collapse of the Kansas economy, the the point of bankruptcy. His ultraconservative agenda has seen rampant privatization of public assets, particularly in education, which helps with his further aim of stripping back scientific and secular classes in favor of religious schooling. The results were outlined by Meyer in a truly stinging, and hilarious, rebuke of Republican-style economics.

“In the last few years, Kansas has become somewhat of a laboratory for Conservative Gov. Sam Brownback who cut taxes for the wealthy and completely eliminated income taxes for small businesses. A plan he boldly described this way,” showing a clip of Gov. Brownback selling his authoritarian right wing budget plans as a ‘real live experiment’.

“‘Real-live experiment’ is a terrible sales pitch for something,” says Meyers “Those words usually only show up in shady classified ads.”

Nevertheless, Brownback got his plans through and Kansas was submitted to the kind of terrifying economic experiment that Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys put Latin Americans nations like Chile through in the 1970s.

The results were nothing short of a disaster for the state, which lost $688 million in just a single year, and had its economy downgraded by the S&P. Things became so desperate, that one attempt to raise critically-needed revenues saw the state auction p*rnography and s*x toys from a business owing back taxes, after seizing their property. In closing, Meyers grins:

“And now, here are the jokes we made to make fun of the Kansas d*ldo auction: Nothing like selling fake d*cks to solve a problem created by a real one. Selling the d*ldos didn’t solve the whole problem. Just the tip. It’s hard to sell d*ldos to people who are already f*cked. And the worst one: D*ldo, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

This sums up the myth of trickle down, right-wing economics perfectly. They promise you prosperity, but at the end of the day, you just end up being screwed.

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