Wisconsin Newspaper SHREDS ‘Un-American’ Donald Trump, Declares Him Unfit For Presidency

A scathing editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Tuesday laid waste to Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions.

Armed with a brutal headline declaring Trump unfit for the office “by any measure,” the paper began by repeatedly telling the Republican front-runner a word he hates to hear and called for Wisconsin voters to do something to stop him:

No to Donald Trump.

No to his bigotry.

No to his contempt for women and minorities. No to his vague, clueless bluster about the problems facing the nation.

No to Trumpism, which runs counter to the ideals of this nation of immigrants, to the notion that by working together under the rule of law, we can protect freedom and promote inclusion and fair play.

Wisconsin Republicans: Reject this un-American candidate on April 5.

Though it may be too little, too late, the editorial goes on to explain that Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim stance is divisive and has provided propaganda for ISIS to use as a recruitment tool.

The Journal Sentinel also pointed out Trump’s degradation of women, the violence displayed at his racist rallies, and his hatred of the the free press as facts that should have sunk his campaign already.

The the paper dropped the hammer.

Trump’s crudity and spinning moral compass are merely the most obvious problems with his candidacy. His policy ideas, such as they can be divined, show a man with no political center who has given the hardest problems facing the nation no more than a passing glance.

“Any other Republican would be immolated by the hail of fire and brimstone called down upon Trump by movement conservatives over his apostasies,” the paper continued, noting how Trump is somehow bulletproof despite his economic and foreign policies that would light the world and America on fire as chaos reigns.

Indeed, Trump’s intention to immediately stop buying Saudi Arabian oil would weaken our longtime ally and make gas prices skyrocket here at home. Trump has also proven his ignorance when it comes to Iran and North Korea as explained by Andrea Mitchell on Meet The Press this past Sunday. Trump would also torpedo our economy by reneging on trade deals and instituting tariffs that would cost Americans millions of jobs.

“A Trump presidency would float down a river polluted by hyperbole and misstatement, tacking left to right, right to left, claiming up is down, white is black, night is day,” the paper declared. “A reality TV Wonderland. Only we live in the real world, where the words and choices of presidents can have momentous consequences — war and peace, feast or famine, freedom or tyranny, life or death.”

The paper concluded that Trump’s presidential campaign is about himself, not the citizens or the country, and urged voters to reject Trump at the ballot in order to “end of all this reality television nonsense” and “do the nation a huge service.”

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