Missouri Republican Laughed At For Saying He’s A Reproductive Expert Because He Was An Embryo

One of the most embarrassing moments in politics this week happened in Missouri.

During a debate in the Missouri House Committee on Children and Families, GOP state Rep. Mike Moon declared that since he was once an embryo that means he is a qualified reproductive health expert who knows what he is talking about when it comes to abortion and whether or not an embryo is a person.

And yes, people laughed at him.

The hearing was about House Joint Resolution 98, which would ban abortion in the state by enshrining the right to life of “unborn human children at every stage of biological development” in the Missouri Constitution.

According to the Columbia Missourian, Moon “opened the hearing by showing a video of an unborn fetus on a display monitor. The fetus was developed enough to make out undeniably human characteristics, such as hands and a face.”

“A precious sight, I think most of us would agree,” Moon declared. “The more you look at that, the more you have to realize that that is a human being.”

Moon went on to compare abortion to slavery before making more of an ass of himself by concluding, “As a former embryo myself, I would like protection for all embryos.” After the laughter died down, a real health expert testified against the resolution.

St, Louis physician Ed Weisbart said there is no scientific consensus for when life begins and that women should have the final choice to end their pregnancy or not.

Meanwhile, the United States Constitution, which supersedes state law, says plainly in the 14th Amendment that only “all persons born” are granted citizenship under the jurisdiction of the United States.

In other words, the Constitution does not consider unborn fetuses as persons under the law.

Plus, banning abortion would take away the fundamental rights of due process and equal protection from women, which is unconstitutional.

Not only would the Supreme Court be duty-bound to overturn HJR 98, it would cost Missouri taxpayers millions of dollars to fund a losing cause.

And if Missouri conservatives really want to continue to argue, they should consider that even their Bible does not consider fetuses to be persons.

Also, being an embryo at one time does not make anyone an expert on reproductive issues. It’s like saying you’re an expert pastry chef because you once made mud pies as a child. That just doesn’t fly.

The bottom line is that women should have the choice and Republicans need to back off and stop trying to force their religious beliefs down their throats, especially when those beliefs contradict what their Bibles actually say. But the Bible shouldn’t matter anyway because the Constitution has already clearly defined personhood and it starts at birth.

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