WATCH: Gay Man Beaten After Lunatic Sees Him Kiss His Partner

There is a disturbing video coming out of Miami Beach, Florida which shows two men get into a fight inside of a Burger King. The fight broke out after a man saw two gay men, Jordan Schaeffer, a Los Angeles man who was visiting the area, and his partner, Eric Danko, kissing.

At that point, a man who has yet to be identified began insulting the couple and using derogatory gay slurs. The heated exchange quickly escalated, becoming physical in a matter of moments. Surveillance footage shows Schaeffer and the unidentified man wrestling on the ground.

“The subjects in this case happen to be gay individuals and that’s part of our investigation to see what provoked that attack,” explained Miami Beach police officer Ernesto Rodriguez. “[The men] Had some sort of exchange with victims, a verbal exchange which escalated into a violent physical attack,” Rodriguez continued.

The surveillance footage shows another man wearing a white shirt join the conflict, preventing people from trying to break up the fight. The man has also yet to be identified, so it is unknown if he had any relationship to the assailant.

Police who have witnessed the footage have determined that the man is probably trained in some form of martial arts. Schaeffer escaped the conflict with lacerations on his lips.

“It is surprising that people concern themselves about what two people care about,” Mark Meyer, a local community member who was disturbed by the altercation said. “There’s a lot of people in the world and if they’re afraid to get out and see it then maybe they should just stay home and not even go to a Burger King.”

Police are pursuing the case as a felony battery charge. If you have any information about the assailant, please call the Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-8477.

You can watch the video below.

Featured image from video screenshot