This Is What REAL Christians Do When Their Priest Preaches To Ban Abortion (VIDEO)

The members of a Roman Catholic church in Poland have demonstrated to the world how compassionate Christians can shut down priest when they preach politics, not religion, from the pulpit.

The women were at a Roman Catholic church in Gdansk, which is spearheading the outlawing of abortion in the Eastern European country. The Priest began reading a letter to the congregation in favor of the ban, which triggered a large number of mostly female worshippers to stand, turn their back on the Priest, and leave the church.

As The Journal reports:

The message from Poland’s Catholic bishops, presented at churches nationwide, called on lawmakers to back the proposal being considered by Poland’s right-wing government.

The move would tighten what are already some of Europe’s most restrictive laws on pregnancy termination. Current legislation, dating from 1993, already bans all terminations except when pregnancy results from rape or incest, poses a health risk to the mother, or if the foetus is severely deformed.

Pro-life activists support even tougher legislation but the move has sparked a backlash and thousands of marchers took part in a protest outside the country’s parliament in Warsaw yesterday, as well as in several other cities.

The move is in sharp contrast to Christian conservatives in the United States, who are actually rallying behind candidates and religious leaders who wear their prejudice and intolerance on their sleeve. Even Pope Francis is being pilloried by the Christian Right in America for his refusal to hate and preach against Muslims.

In fact, there is not a candidate left in the GOP race for president who believes in a woman’s reproductive rights over her own body. Donald Trump believes women should be “punished” for having abortions. Ted Cruz would outlaw abortion, with “no exceptions”  – even in cases of incest or rape. Even the candidate who is selling himself as the moderate, John Kasich, also calls for a total ban on abortion. There is no pro-choice version of the Republican message anymore.

In economic policy, the ultra-right of the conservative movement has killed off the Eisenhower Republicans – the GOP lawmakers and voters who believed in investment, taxation and welfare as the pillars which support free enterprise and a stable, prosperous society. At the same time, the evangelists have killed any hope of social liberalism in the party.What’s left behind is a cold, cruel, and crazy mob, who simply do not care about facts, evidence or rational discussion. They are zealots. Let us hope that for the sake of the Republican Party, and the country, that a complete slaughtering in election 2016 brings everyone back to their senses.

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