Violent Right Wingers Threaten To Murder Trans People For Using The Bathroom (IMAGES)

The entire southeast is on a right-wing tear with bills designed to directly attack the rights of LGBTQ people, and especially those of transgender people. First, it was North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signing a horrible, sweeping piece of legislation that literally legalizes discriminating against LGBTQ people in the state, and stopping cities from doing anything about it on their own turf. South Carolina has now followed suit.

Of course, this means that violent, nutty right-wingers are up in arms, thinking there will be “men in women’s restrooms.” One Facebook page, however, really takes the cake. American — STRONG! posted this vile meme to their page, and the hate for transgender people poured in so fast it would make your head spin. Here is the meme:

anti trans meme

If you think that’s bad, the comments are even worse. The people on that page are not even hiding their out and out hate. In fact, these dangerous right-wingers sincerely believe that transgender people should be murdered, just for using the bathroom in public like everyone else. Here are just a few of the comments on that vile page:

trans shot 1

Other comments, while not overtly violent, were certainly steeped in disgusting fear and ignorance:

trans shot 2

trans shot 3

trans shot 4


trans shot 5

trans shot 6

trans shot 7

trans shot 8

trans shot 9

And there’s certainly plenty more comments like that where these came from. These people aren’t just ignorant. They are dangerous. Some of them literally said that they would murder transgender people over a visit to public facilities.

As far as I am concerned, anyone advocating for murder online, especially toward a group of people who are already murdered at an alarming rate just for existing, should be in jail. Shame on anyone who thinks violence like this is okay.

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