Curt Schilling Doubles Down On Transgender Hate On Facebook, Adds Racism (IMAGE)

After ESPN fired washed-up MLB pitcher Curt Schilling, and rightfully so, for posting an extremely transphobic image on his Facebook page, he decided that wasn’t enough hate, so now he’s added some racism to the mix.

Clearly pissed that he lost his job, Schilling decided to repost an image put out by conservative blogger and wannabe comedian Steven Crowder. In the image it throws noted writer and activist Shaun King under the bus in its pathetic attempt to be funny. Which, I’m sure to the myopic, racist and transphobic crowd Crowder plays to, is hilarious.

The image says:

“Liberal Logic:

Shaun King: Fakes being a black man. Gets Promotion.

Curt Schilling: Thinks men should use men’s bathrooms. Fired by ESPN.”

Here’s the image:



via Facebook

Now anyone with half a brain knows that Shaun King, who has time and time again been accused of lying about his race, and has struggled through his own past to appease those who don’t understand things that aren’t as simple as black and white, is indeed a man of color speaking his own unique truth.

But clearly, many conservatives, especially those like Crowder and Schilling who like to make fun of and are clearly afraid of anyone different from themselves, can’t wrap their head around this sort of thing.

And not only is Schilling not apologizing for his transphobic hatred that got him fired, he’s now doubling down on it.

As a diehard Boston Red Sox fan, who was proud during the bloody sock moments, I couldn’t be more disgusted at this pathetic little scrap of a man who can’t bring himself to basic human decency and recognize there are people on this planet who are, indeed, transgender.

Schilling, at this point, delete your account. You’re an embarrassment to humankind.

Featured Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images