The Federalist Runs Ridiculously Offensive Story Claiming Republican Women Are More Attractive

Conservative website The Federalist often bills itself as the respectable, serious alternative to many of the toxic right-wing watering holes that proliferate online, but every so often their true colors shine through. Guess what? They can be just as awful.

Federalist writer Henry Scanlon was ogling some young women at this year’s CPAC and came to the conclusion that the women who share his views on limited government and Ayn Rand are “incredibly attractive,” whereas the women on the left are manly. What follows – in a 2,000 word screed – goes from delusional to offensive to just plain pathetic almost at every paragraph. It’s a stunningly offensive piece of fantasy that manages to demean liberal women and condescend to conservative ones in the very same breath.

Here’s what Scanlon, a middle-aged married man, says he noticed at CPAC:

The young women who attend CPAC are spectacular. No kidding: What’s up with this concentration of incredibly attractive young, conservative women? It’s noticeable and remarkable. They are beautiful and stylish in the way French women often are, which is to say in their own way, not in a conforming or predictable way. They all look like the girl the high school quarterback wants to date, and they are confident, relaxed, and smart, joking amongst themselves.

Could it be that they were joking amongst themselves about the creepy old guy staring at them from across the convention hall? Just a thought.

Scanlon has two theories as to why conservative women are attractive. His own is based in science. The other, what he calls “a woman’s explanation” is about French fashion. His “scientific” – and let’s use that word loosely here – explanation is that young women who dare read Ayn Rand despite the evil mainstream media demonizing the libertarian movement makes them “the prettiest, smartest girls” because they have an inner confidence.

His wife, providing the “women’s perspective”, said it was because conservative women don’t act like boys, which is ugly. Instead, she says, they are willing to take fashion risks, just like trendsetters in Paris.

Scanlon also surmises that women on the right are more beautiful because being “politically correct” gives women wrinkles.

Women of the Right are allowed to accept obvious things rather than engage in exhausting psychic gymnastics to get to a place that is politically correct, while preposterous. If a thug murders a pregnant woman, he should be charged with two murders, not just one, and women of the Right feel no compulsion to weary themselves by filing amicus briefs on behalf of the murderer to nullify the second killing because the unborn baby does not qualify as human life.

He concludes that conservative women are just “freer” (in ideology, if not in, say, the right to decide what happens to their bodies) and that inner beauty makes them outwardly beautiful as well. And this being the Federalist, Scanlon attributes that to God favoring registered Republicans.

Put another way, maybe what I’m noticing is simply women who have been liberated by their worldview to be who they are, uniquely and confidently, unabashedly and apologetically, unencumbered by the politically correct constraints imposed on women of the Left, and the result is a kind of essential womanhood that, far from being oppressive, as the Left would have it, is instead, miraculous and quintessential, and, you could say, God-given.

Bravo, Henry Scanlon, you’ve managed to reduce women to either being ugly, oppressed liberals or angelic eye candy right-wing men can salivate over at conservative conventions. It’s no small wonder why the Republican Party has had an incredibly difficult time appealing to women in this election.

Featured image via Fox