WATCH: Fox Airhead Says Stuffed Armadillo Disproves Climate Change

During an April 24 Fox News segment, climate-change denial expert Marc Morano unveiled top secret proof that 97 percent of real scientists are wrong about global warming.

Morano brought a cage, draped with a blanket, onto the set of Fox amd Friends on Sunday.

In preparation of explaining to the show’s dumbed-down viewers that top scientists around the world aren’t really concerned about climate change, Morano peeled the back the cover of the cage to expose a stuffed armadillo.

Morano, who was named ‘Climate Change Misinformer of the Year‘ by Media Matters in 2012, proceeded to explain how a stuffed animal is definitive proof of a massive global warming hoax.

“This is significant,” Morano said. “The armadillo was the only animal that was used as a mascot for global cooling in the 1970s…”

Morano was referring to an unpopular and short-lived theory that the earth’s temperatures were gradually falling. This idea did not ever have widespread support among members of the scientific community. More that that, it conflicted with the majority of the scientific research of the time. By 1976 the World Meteorological Organization had already issued a warning that “a very significant warming of global climate” was probable.

Morano continued during the Sunday morning segment. Referring to the caged, stuffed armadillo, he said:

“It’s not a mascot for global warming. They’re claiming the armadillo is migrating north to get out of the heat.”

While we’re not sure if the armadillo can rightfully be called a ‘mascot for global warming,’ in 2011 researchers noted that armadillos, along with many other small animals, are indeed migrating further north.

According to an article that appeared in Scientific American:

But there’s no question armadillos – and other small mammals – are on the move in the United States, expanding into terrain biologists thought highly unlikely just a few years ago.

Some of that migration can be attributed to opportunity: The armadillo in particular has been moving northward since it arrived in Texas in the 1880s and Florida in the 1920s, according to Colleen McDonough, a biology professor at Valdosta State University in Georgia.

McDonough went on to say that some of the movement is “clearly triggered by climate change.” Armadillos have settled into southern Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Missouri – all areas that were “totally unexpected.” Winter temperatures in these regions were once too harsh for the armadillo.

The article also describes the migration of white-footed mice and southern flying squirrels, species which have travelled more than 140 miles north of their original habitat in recent years.

Even without the stuffed armadillo, Morano’s assertions about climate change are ridiculous.

There’s a big difference between the short-lived hypothesis of global cooling that sprang up in the 1970s and a scientific consensus that includes more than 97 percent of people working in the field.

Watch the segment below via Raw Story.

Featured image via video screen capture from Raw Story