Woman Who Wants To Control Texas Education Thinks Preschool Makes Kids Gay (IMAGE)

There’s currently a woman who wants to be selected to serve on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE). Her name is Mary Lou Bruner, and she’s about as far-right in ideology as one could ever seem to imagine. She’s an ultra-right-wing “Christian” conservative who believes heavily in conspiracy theories, and her latest theory is just a bonkers as all her others.

According to Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune, Bruner is now putting out the theory that preschool programs are a plot to make children gay. Not only that, but to also turn kids against their parents who “do not accept Islam and gay marriage.”

Smith, who seems to have access to the SBOE hopeful’s private account, tweeted out a screen-capture of Bruner’s Facebook post declaring this absurd theory. In the post, Bruner said:

“The GLBTQ agenda is one of the big reasons the liberals want 3-year-old and 4-year-old children to attend public school Pre-K programs. The federal government wants to indoctrinate the little children, teaching them a homosexual marriage is just as good as a marriage with a father and a mother. The federal government wants to push its socialistic and multicultural agenda onto these impressionable litter children who believe anything they are told.

Children who get government indoctrination in Pre-K are going to become confused about their sexuality, and they are going to become rebellious because the government curriculum plans to tell the children not to listen to their parents if their parents tell them something different. The government curriculum plans to tell the little children their parents are ignorant, and they don’t understand because of the way the parents were taught. Or the little children will be told their parents are bigoted because they do not accept Islam and gay marriage.”


The fact that this woman is running for the Texas State Board of Education and could very well have influence over what is taught is absolutely terrifying. Bruner is clearly a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Newsflash to Bruner: you’re not taught to be gay, and teaching acceptance and love of others is actually the Christian thing to do. As a person who was raised in a very evangelical Christian home and is also a lesbian, let me tell you, if you’re taught to be gay, where the hell did I learn it? The only learned behavior Bruner is promoting is wanting to teach kids to be discriminatory, vindictive, and hateful of anyone who doesn’t fit her definition of how to live one’s life.

Bruner needs to stay as far away from educational decisions as possible. She needs to keep her crazy conspiracy theories within the confines of her own home. She’s truly what is actually dangerous, not kids getting early childhood education. For goodness sake.

Featured Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images