This DA Just Called B.S. On Anti-Trans Republicans: ‘Most Predators Are Straight Men’ (VIDEO)

As the GOP’s fight to control which bathrooms transgender people can and can’t use continues, one of their main talking points has been how “dangerous” it is for trans individuals to be allowed to use the same restrooms as women and children.

Despite how false that argument is (there have literally been NO instances where a transgender person has assaulted someone while using the restroom that matched their gender identity), this misleading stance actually sweeps an extremely important issue under the rug — who the majority of sex offenders really are.

Chad Butler, the District Attorney of Nashville, Tennessee, has prosecuted hundreds of sex crimes and has found the recent anti-trans “bathroom laws” in states like North Carolina extremely frustrating. In speaking to WSMV Channel 4, Butler revealed that throughout the entire length of his long career, he has never prosecuted a case against a trans individual. Not one. So who are the real threats? Butler says that sexual predators are overwhelmingly “heterosexual men.”

“As long as I’ve been doing this job and the hundreds of cases I’ve reviewed, I’ve never once had a transgender person come across my desk as an offender.”

Butler believes that the ongoing arguments over transgender people’s bathroom rights actually distract the public from real dangers. Specializing in crimes against children, Butler revealed that although these discriminatory anti-trans laws are supposedly meant to protect children, they don’t. The real threat, he says, are the people the children come in contact with every day. Butler said:

“A majority of my cases are fathers, stepfathers, uncles, Boy Scout leaders, coaches, youth ministers, preachers. People that are already close to the family that the family trusts.”

Butler called the claim that trans people are a threat to children “statistically unfounded and off base.” These accusations only encourage parents to be weary of the wrong people.

“It is actually very frustrating because it sort of takes the dialogue and the conversation away from where it should be.”

What Butler believes WILL actually keep children safe, is open discussions about consent and sexual abuse at an early age. Butler says that one of the most important things parents can do is educate their children, and believe them if they come forward because more times than not, children are molested by someone close to the family.

“A child is more likely to be sexually assaulted in their own bathroom than a public restroom by a stranger.”

You can watch Butler shut down the GOP’s anti-trans rhetoric below:

WSMV Channel 4


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