Trouble In Paradise? Trump Distances Himself From Sarah Palin After Paul Ryan Tirade (VIDEO)

After Sarah Palin appeared on CNN on Sunday with Jake Tapper, talking about how much she despises Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for having his own opinion about her beloved Donald Trump, it left many wondering if Trump also felt that way about Ryan.

But wonder no longer, because during Trump’s interview on Monday morning with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee seemed to distance himself from Palin’s comments.

Cuomo said:

“Sarah Palin came out and said ‘Paul Ryan is done. I’m calling on the supporters of Donald Trump to go after Paul Ryan and make sure that he gets Cantored.’ As in Eric Cantor, you know, that he loses his seat. Do you want that? Do you want Sarah Palin going out there and trying to turn people against Paul Ryan? You’re supposed to be unifying the party.”

Trump responded:

“Well, Sarah has endorsed me, and I like her a lot, I think she’s a terrific person… but I have nothing to do with that. I mean, that’s her. You know, Sarah is very much a free agent. She’s a terrific person, but she’s very much a free agent and I didn’t know about this until yesterday, I guess she’s been fighting or she’s endorsing somebody that’s running against Paul Ryan, and I didn’t know about it until yesterday when I read about it.”

It seems when he says “free agent” he means “loose cannon” but that can’t be confirmed.

Trump then went onto say how he’s had a good relationship with Paul Ryan, albeit he does feel a bit stabbed in the back by his refusal to get behind Trump’s presumptive nomination.

It looks as though Trump, as much as a loose cannon as he is himself, has learned the valuable art of not attaching himself to everything Sarah Palin says. Wise move.

Watch the clip here:

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