REPORT: Trump And Companies Tied To Over 100 Lawsuits, Tax Evasion

Donald Trump’s financials and business ventures are astronomically sketchier than Mitt Romney’s. He refuses to release his tax returns, his name appears in the Panama Papers thousands of times, and now an exclusive report from USA Today shows Trump and his companies are linked to over 100 lawsuits, tax disputes and other legal limbos.

An analyst from pored over thousands of documents and concluded, in summary:

USA TODAY’s examination of Trump’s track record as a business taxpayer found not just court actions, but dozens of additional tax disputes with local authorities that didn’t reach the courthouse in states including New York, Nevada, Florida and New Jersey. In some cases, Trump’s businesses have disputed tax assessments; in others, they have simply not paid the tax bill until after the government took additional action.

According to the information obtained from court cases, property records, and other documents showed that every year from the late 1980s to now, Trump and his associates/companies have been involved in tax disputes. Between June 2015 to now, five Trump companies in New York State alone have been issued warrants for more than $13,000 in unpaid or late taxes. Before June 2015, Trump has two other unpaid warrants; $1,580 for Trump mortgage; $1,747 for Trump University. One failed, the other is under investigation for fraud.

USA Today issued a detailed list of tax issues over the decades:

  • Over the past 27 years, Trump’s businesses owed about $300,000 in back taxes, which were eventually paid in full.
  • Trump sued the New York City Tax Commission 55 times from the mid-1990s through 2011, over the city’s assessment values on apartment complexes once owned by his father to his core buildings and companies, which Trump attempted to dispute.
  • Between 2006 and 2007, Trump Mortgages owed back taxes totaling more than $4,800.

Not only does Trump have decades worth of tax and assessment issues stemming over three decades, he also overestimates the worth of his properties, something that might be shown in his tax returns and prove that he isn’t worth as much as he says he is. For example, the Ritz Carlton Resort and Spa in Jupiter, Florida has been assessed at $13.7 million. Trump, however, personally assesses the property at $50 million, a full $36.3 million more. Then there’s the famous Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s personal estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Assessed at only $20 million, Trump contends that it is actually worth $50 million.

Once again, records show (or don’t show, because Trump won’t release them) that Trump is lair, cheater, and overblows his worth to make himself look good.

Trump’s shady business dealings are miles long, miles deep. This is the “great businessman” Republican voters are touting when they spout their support for him.

Featured image via Spencer Platt/Getty Imges