NY Daily News Goes ALL IN On NRA, ‘Thanks’ Them For Orlando (TWEET/IMAGE)

The NY Daily News is never shy when it comes to their covers. They’re all about calling out badly behaving politicians and political organizations, and they definitely didn’t hold back when it came to the horrific act of terror perpetuated against the LGBT community of Orlando, Florida, and the rest of the nation in the wee hours of Sunday morning at Pulse Nightclub. The target of the newspaper’s ire this time was the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Of course, we all know that this despicable organization is opposed to any and all common sense gun control, and makes a regular practice of whipping gun nuts everywhere up into a frenzy of fear that Democrats and others with a shred of common sense and decency are out to abolish the Second Amendment altogether. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that lax gun laws lead to tragedies like the one that has the world reeling right now, and they refuse to see that these mass shootings will continue until unstable individuals with an ax to grind and murderous intent are prevented from obtaining firearms.

Well, the NY Daily News was having none of it. They ran a cover that “thanked” (read: blamed) the powerful gun lobby and its bought and paid for politicians for Orlando’s tragedy. The cover is nothing short of brilliant, not to mention completely true. Without further ado, here it is via the paper’s twitter:

The NY Daily News is right, of course. There is no reason for any private citizen to carry an assault weapon. That is simple common sense. The only reason for such a weapon is to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Anyone who believes otherwise is deluded. Wayne LaPierre and his fellow gun nuts have blood on their hands. Fuck them and their pro-gun agenda. They are at least partly responsible so many of the people who were at Pulse on that fateful night are dead. Ban assault weapons now, responsible politicians.

Good on the NY Daily News for laying the blame where it belongs.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images