WATCH: Trump Supporter Calls For Right-Wing Gun Nuts To Come Shoot Black People At GOP Convention

A racist Trump supporter who couldn’t hack it as a police officer is calling for right-wing militia members, former police officers, and military veterans to grab their guns and come to Cleveland to shoot any black people they find protesting at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month.

“I am encouraging patriots and Trump supporters and those that support liberty and freedom to come lawfully armed with lethal and non-lethal weaponry,” Jim Stachowiak declared in a video directed at “lone wolf patriots.”

Stachowiak was booted out of the police force for misconduct after only three years on the job, yet he thinks he is capable of patrolling the outside of the GOP convention as a pretend law enforcement official.

After slandering the Black Lives Matter movement by claiming that the group has issued death threats aimed at Donald Trump, Stachowiak called for armed volunteers to join him at the convention to intimidate and even kill black protesters

“They have threatened to cause riots in Cleveland and nationwide,” he said. “It is our sworn duty and obligation for all those like me and many of you who have taken the oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Then he repeated Donald Trump’s suggestion that President Obama is a terrorist sympathizer and urged “patriots” to use their Second Amendment against Black Lives Matter members, whom he also referred to as domestic terrorists.

“We should answer the call with our Second Amendment. Yes, I’m encouraging patriots to come prepared to defend this nation against a domestic terrorist organization supported by the terrorist in the White House, Obama…Come prepared, because this may spark another revolution. It won’t be decided if that spark turns into a bonfire by we who love liberty, for we will defend, not attack. We won’t act, but we will react.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Stachowiak is nothing more than a right-wing terrorist trying to organize another Bundy-style standoff that he hopes will turn into some kind of bloody revolution. Gun nuts like him are the reason why we need serious gun restrictions in this country. If anybody shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun it’s this guy. He is literally calling for gun violence against back protesters who show up to the GOP convention. Hopefully, the FBI has seen this video and are planning to take Stachowiak into custody before we end up with another mass shooting.

Featured image via screenshot