Stephen Colbert Just Got Himself Thrown Off The RNC Stage Before It Even Began (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert showed up at the site of the disastrous clusterf*ck that will be the Republican National Convention on Sunday. The late night host and his crew visited with convention-goers and made preparations for his coverage of the upcoming event. But the comedian decided to have a little fun with the level of access he was granted when he jumped up on the stage and hijacked the microphone.

Dressed as his “Hungry For Power Games” character, Colbert launched into an assault on Trump and his new sidekick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Colbert declared that Trump “has formed an alliance with Indiana Governor Mike Pence” just before he pretended to fall asleep.

“Sorry, I blacked out there for a moment,” Colbert says, before slamming down a gavel and announcing, “it is my honor to hereby launch and begin the 2016 Republican National Hungry For Power Games!”

As a security guard attempts to remove him, Colbert drops the most memorable line of this stunt:

“I know I’m not supposed to be up here but let’s be honest, neither is Donald Trump.”

The former Comedy Central host is then escorted off the stage.

Colbert’s “Hungry For Power Games” is a segment from his late night show, and probably one of the more entertaining things he has done since leaving Comedy Central. Watch a clip of that below:

Colbert and Jon Stewart will be teaming up to cover the convention — a welcome surprise for everyone who misses the contributions these two have traditionally made to political comedy.

Featured image via screengrab