Most Of Those ‘Latinos For Trump’ Signs At The RNC Weren’t Held By Latinos (VIDEO)

Now, you’d think after calling Mexicans rapists and murderers, Donald Trump would have the Latino community bending over backwards to support him, but alas, they just don’t seem to like him very much. Wonder why? It’s really a thinker.

In fact, Trump holds a 77% unfavorable rating with the Latino community, and Hillary Clinton is currently leading by 48 points among Hispanic voters.

So, what’s a guy to do at the Republican National Convention to show the world watching at home that Latinos really want Trump after all? Play make-believe!

Sure, out of the 2,482 delegates in attendance at the RNC 133 were Latino, but for the cameras, that’s not nearly enough, sooooo have white people hold up “Latinos Para Trump” signs!!

Which is even incorrect grammar, it should have read “Latinos Por Trump,” but I digress. They probably didn’t have anyone to ask.

Here are some of the “Latinos” right here:

Stupid cameras getting too close to show what’s actually going on. Someone’s gonna get fired for sure.

In reality, this is the general reaction from the Latino community, although, I’m sure there are some who genuinely like Trump.

Here’s more proof of the signs via this Fusion video:

Featured image via Twitter