Analysis Shows Hillary Clinton’s Plans Would Create Over 10 Million Jobs

As the Democratic National Convention wrapped up its final night, with Hillary Clinton delivering a speech that blew Donald Trump out of the water, an independent analysis from Moody’s Analytics shows Clinton’s plans will create over 10.4 million new jobs over the span of 4 years – one full term as president.

The analysis, when redone, showed a growth of 3.2 million more jobs than expected. Not only would the nation gain millions of new jobs (on top of the 15 million plus gained under President Obama), the GDP rate would accelerate, up-ticking from the 2.3 percent today to 2.7 percent by the end of Clinton’s presidency.

The analysis also pinpointed the exact proposals that would continue economic growth – immigration reform, infrastructure spending, and paid family leave.

When we treat immigrants with respect, when we put people back to work on our roads and bridges, and when we allow parents time to take care of their children without losing their jobs, America will succeed.

The positive analysis and prediction is due, in almost all part, thanks to a healthy and growing economy under President Obama, assuming it continues well into a possible Clinton presidency, or even if the world turns to hell again:

The upshot of our analysis is that Secretary Clinton’s economic policies when taken together will result in a stronger U.S. economy under almost any scenario.

In other words: if the economy tanked in the last few months of Obama’s presidency (like it did with President Bush), Clinton’s plans would result in a rebound (just like Obama’s presidency).

Any way you look at it, good or bad, Clinton and her plans will be good for the economy.

Last month, Moody’s released their analysis about Trump’s plans, and found his economic policies would cost the United States over 3.5 million jobs, and usher in an economic downturn worse (and longer) than the Great Recession. The massive job loss would cause the unemployment rate to jump to over 7 percent.

America has their choice: the strongest economy since the 1940s or another Great Recession.

Choose wisely. The numbers are out there.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images