Bill Maher: It’s Time Hillary Clinton Becomes The Super VIllian The GOP Created (VIDEO)

During a segment on Real Time on Friday night, host Bill Maher pleaded his case that Hillary Clinton should embrace the caricature of her that exists in the GOP’s mind and become a super villain. The move would help to appease progressives and also scare Republicans.

Maher began the segment by listing off a number of non-substantive claims made by the Republicans over the past near quarter of a century. He then urged Clinton to adopt the image that the GOP have created for her, that of a hardcore “super villain” progressive. Maher says that the people are angry and carrying pitchforks right now and that Clinton needs to appeal to that crowd.

Maher said that the people “don’t want America’s nicest grandma. They want the wolf that puts a grandma in its teeth. They want a ruthless Mafia boss who will protect their frightened souls, which is why Hillary has to own all the nasty things the haters say and run as the Notorious H.R.C.”

Maher then went on to say that Trump brags about his sleazy business dealings and it is actually appealing to his supporters. Maher offered a suggestion that Clinton does something similar and that “the next time they call her crooked Hillary, she should say, ‘Damn right I am. Crooked for America.’”

Concluding the segment, Maher suggested that Clinton finishes her presidential campaign advertisements by saying “I approve this message and I will cut a bitch.”

You can watch the clip in full, below.

Featured image via video screen capture