Eric Trump Just Humiliated Himself With Fake Photo Of ‘Florida’ Rally (Complete With Texas Flag)

Ever since Hillary Clinton generously, yet correctly, identified about half (only half?) of Donald Trump’s vapid, illiterate flock of racist, meth-addled taint-barnacles, as a “basket of deplorables,” the Right has been in a frenzy as they feverishly attempt to prove her right. One such “deplorable,” Trump’s son Eric, showed the world on Monday that he is deserving of the title when he attempted to hit back at Clinton over the remark.

“Look at the #BasketOfDeplorables in Pensacola Florida last night! What a horrible statement. #CrookedHillary,” Trump tweeted victoriously.

Unfortunately, there was just a teensy problem. That photo was not of the Pensacola rally. In fact, it wasn’t even in Florida. Legendary former news commentator Keith Olbermann was among the many, many people who rushed to point out the obvious lie.


Yes, Dallas. In Texas. Eric Trump, as Olbermann postulated, may very well be dumber than his dad. Others helpfully informed Trump of his error:

Trump’s supporters –including his children who participate in The Donald’s circus of idiocy — deserve their new, cute little nickname, and this is just one example. His followers consist almost entirely of white supremacists and other assorted racists, Tea Party “revolutionaries” who desperately crave a new revolution, and xenophobes — groups that most of us would consider deplorable. Unfortunately, to Trump and his friends on the Right, they’re “patriots.”

Featured image via Twitter