WATCH: Black Pastor Totally SHUTS Down Trump, And He Backs Away Like A Wimp

An African-American pastor in Flint, Michigan was able to get Donald Trump to do what nobody else has for the last year: shut up.

It happened when Trump, after touring a water treatment facility in the lead-afflicted city, spoke at a church. As part of his speech, instead of addressing the water crisis that has many in the area worried about their children’s health, the Republican nominee started in on a political attack against Hillary Clinton.

Pastor Faith Green Timmons then stepped in, and stopped the Republican in his tracks.

Timmons told Trump, “I invited you here to thank us – not to give a political speech.” Apparently completely chastened, Trump stopped and instead of his usual braggadocio he reverted to an almost childlike tone.

He told Timmons, “No, I never. Never would. Never would. Never would.” He then quickly ended his speech, saying a few more words and promising to bring jobs back to the city.

The incident reflects the latest gaffe for Trump with black voters. For a few weeks his campaign has claimed that he is conducting “outreach” but in reality, Trump has instead repeatedly told blacks that they live in poverty, stuck in inner city hellholes filled with gun violence. He has also described the living situations of blacks in America as so horrible; they can’t do “any worse.”

This has prompted considerable backlash among minority voters and others, leading to extremely negative polling for Trump with that voting bloc, even as he has improved among some white voters.

Trump has said that this supposed “reaching out” to black voters will result in gains for his campaign, but the evidence instead shows that his ham-handed activities are more likely to continue the Republican trend of poor performance in this demographic. This incident in Flint is unlikely to help that trajectory.

Featured image via screen capture