Obamacare Vs Trumpcare Meme DESTROYS GOP’s Health Care Replacement Fail (TWEETS)

Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was met with protests and resistance all around the country. Despite being well aware that their “replacement” would be stripping millions of Americans (especially the ill and lower-income citizens) of their life-saving, affordable health insurance, the GOP has continued to push forward with their horrible idea – and now they’re getting annihilated for it on the internet.

On Monday, Republicans released a draft bill of their Obamacare replacement – the American Health Care Act. As expected with anything that Trump or the Republican Party does, it was not received well and is already considered a massive failure just 24 hours after its release. To commemorate yet another major fail by the GOP and its corrupt, deranged leader, the internet came to the rescue and tore the new replacement apart – by making it a meme!

Here’s some of the best Obamacare vs. Trumpcare memes we could find, which makes the GOP’s latest f**k up just a little more tolerable:

Out of all of them, this one is sure to make Trump explode and throw a Twitter temper tantrum, as we all know how damn sensitive he was (and still is) about the pathetic size of his inauguration crowds.

Hopefully, these hilarious memes will force more Americans to pay attention to what Trump and the GOP is trying to do to Americans. The GOP’s replacement plan puts Americans’ health care in jeopardy, and will make it much more expensive for many.

The GOP and Trump have not been listening to the American people. If they truly cared what the majority of Americans wanted, Obamacare would be left alone or amended at best. According to a poll by CNN/ORC, most Americans are satisfied with their health care and don’t want Obamacare to be taken away. But then again, if Republicans actually cared about what the majority of Americans wanted, we’d have Hillary Clinton in the White House and none of this would be happening.

Featured image via Twitter