Fox News Just Shared A Poll That Trump Is Going To HATE, Meltdown Inevitable (TWEET)

On Sunday, Fox News had a rare moment of clarity and actually decided to share the truth with their viewers, breaking the hearts of Donald Trump voters around the world.

As Trump continues to brag and tweet about polls that are biased and inaccurate (while ignoring actual facts), Fox News blasted the failing POTUS’ disastrous health care plan and noted that Americans overwhelmingly prefer Obamacare.

The poll was taken just a few days ago and states that 50% of Americans approve Obamacare, and only 24% are willing to support a Republican replacement. Some weren’t fond of either (13%), but the evidence was clear – the people in this country do not want the GOP to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with one of their death sentences.

This poll comes just days after Trump trashed the Republican Party on Twitter, calling out their “failed” health care plan and urging them to make a decision as soon as possible. Trump and the GOP are more desperate than ever for a legislative win, and this poll proves that it’s only going to be another humiliating loss for them. Every time the Congressional Budget Office analyzes one of the Republicans’ proposals, each version looks worse than the last.

Americans are already well aware that many of them (millions, actually) will lose their health care coverage under Trumpcare. For many, the GOP’s replacement plan will be life-threatening. Even a good portion of Trump’s most loyal supporters are terrified of losing their Obamacare, and have publicly spoken out in favor of keeping the health care bill because they’ve benefited so greatly from it.

One thing is for sure – when Trump sees what his favorite news channel has just tweeted, he’s going to have a colossal meltdown. He relies on Fox News to hide his failures, and this truth bomb isn’t going to sit well.

Featured image via Jeff J Mitchell  / Getty Images

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