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House Votes To Sell Apache Land To Foreign Corporation, The Tribe Is Furious

PD Image Tonto National Forest

The San Carlos Apache Tribe is understandably upset as the House attached an amendment to this years NDAA which would sell their land to Australian mining company Rio Tinto.

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It Is Time For Police To Hang Up The Gun

Say hello to your new crossing guard!  Photo via

The militarization of the police has not only fractured society, it is not needed with todays offerings of advanced less-lethal weapons.

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Onward And Upward – NASA Launches Long Delayed Orion Deep Space Craft (VIDEO)

Screenshot from NASA TV

NASA successfully put its next crewed spacecraft into orbit this morning, a big step forward for our eventual mission to Mars.

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US Citizen Released From North Korean Prison Wanted To Stay

Photo released by North Korea

Matthew Miller from California made headlines for being arrested in North Korea, now says that being returned to the US is the last thing he wanted.

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Incorrect Instructions, Witness Intimidation, And More Found In Ferguson Grand Jury Documentation

Photo from Roche Madden

It is easy to manipulate a juries results when you know how, and the Missouri prosecutor demonstrated that he very much knew how.

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UN Passes Another Resolution Against North Korea – Honest Concerns Or US Bullying?

UN Passes Another Resolution Against North Korea – Honest Concerns Or US Bullying?

The UN passes another resolution without a vote condemning the DPRK’s human rights record despite protests by a reclusive nation – is the process politicized?

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Domestic Terrorist Organization Forms Vigilante Squad In Ferguson

PD Photo of San Francisco Committee of Vigilance medallion

The Oath Keepers have called for volunteers to form a lynch mob and engage in vigilante justice in Ferguson.

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Denver Police Busted Trying To Destroy Video Evidence Of Beating Pregnant Woman (VIDEO)

Screencapture from News200x

Cloud backup preserved video of Denver police beating a man and his 7-month pregnant wife, then seizing the camera to erase the footage.

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Ferguson Prosecutor Discovered With Connection To Darren Wilson’s Defense Fundraiser

Image of t-shirt from teespring

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has been revealed to be president of a company producing t-shirts supporting Officer Darren Wilson.

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Ferguson Grand Jury Documents Released – Reveal DA Did Not Even Charge Wilson

official photograph of Prosecutor Robert McCulloch

Turns out that the prosecutor failed to even give the jury an idea of what Officer Darren Wilson could be charged with.

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up – ‘Living God’ Released From Purgatory

From E.A. Koetting's facebook page

Occult author and self-proclaimed ‘Living God’ E. A. Koetting arrested in Utah – later released from Purgatory Correctional Facility.

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Ma Bell Prepares To Sue FCC For Right To Screw Over Internet Customers

PD Photo of Acoustic Coupler, pre-Modem, taken by Lorax

FCC preparing for lawsuit from telecom giant AT&T, who like a petulant child throwing a tantrum declared it would hold its breath till it turned blue.

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Flint Emergency Manager To Appoint City Council Members, No Elections Needed

Photo CC by the Michigan Municipal League

Want to run a city with absolute authority but don’t want to deal with democracy or voting? Flint Michigan’s emergency manager can make that happen!

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Prosecutor Goes To Jail For Withholding Evidence – 10 Days (VIDEO)

Image via screengrab

In 1987, then-district attorney Ken Anderson failed to present the defense with evidence exonerating their client, Michael Morton – Now he is going to jail. Barely.

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Larry Pratt Demands Gun Owners Overthrow Elected Government (VIDEO)

Image credit: (screen grab  Youtube)

Larry Pratt’s inadvertent argument in favor of arming Al Qaeda and similar terrorist organization in order to overthrow a ‘Tyrant’ like President Obama.

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Glenn Beck Surprised People Skeptical Over Illness Claims (VIDEO)

Image screen captured from video by Right Wing Watch

Former Fox News madman Glenn Beck came forward in describing a series of symptoms which have plagued him for years, He has cried wolf too many times it seems.

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Russia Ascendant As Ukraine Strategy Paying Off; Now Plans To Contain US

Photo taken Thanksgiving Day, 2007, USAF

In a visual more reminiscent of the cold war, Russia is now beginning to place strategic bombers off our coast.

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Orbital Sciences Options To Resume Launches After Last Months Accident Look Good

PD Photo by NASA

After last month’s launch accident, Orbital Sciences is now exploring options to continue serving the ISS – Lockheed may have the answer.

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Walmart Store On Strike

Photograph of a Wal-Mart store exterior in Laredo, Texas Source: Photograph taken by Jared C. Benedict on 22 February 2004. Licence

Walmart workers go on strike in California – what was one store has begun to spread.

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What Is Net Neutrality, And How Does It Affect Me?

Public Domain icon of the Internet

With all of the news about Net Neutrality, there remains a lot of confusion over the issue. Let us explore a bit the ideas behind it, and the risks without it.

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