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After SCOTUS Marriage Ruling, Congressman King Tries To Annul His Own Marriage (VIDEO)

Image via Gage Skidmore

In the wake of marriage equality, Steve King of Iowa proposes ending marriage entirely – is he trying to weasel out of something?

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In Dissent On Marriage Equality, Scalia And Thomas Surrender Sanity

Edit of official SCOTUS photos

The ruling on marriage equality sports not one, but four separate dissenting opinions. Scalia and Thomas, however, took the cake with theirs.

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NY Post Film Critic Misses The Point Over Charleston, Wants Iconic Film Banned (VIDEO)

Movie Poster From Gone With The Wind

The NY Post has just made one of the most misguided calls, comparing the current debate on the confederate flag against the movie “Gone with the Wind.”

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Supreme Court Lays Smack Down – Obamacare Is Here To Stay

Photo of US Supreme Court building cc 2009, Mark Fischer, via Flickr.

King vs. Burwell was ruled upon today. In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the government – Obamacare is here to stay.

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James O’Keefe Discovers His Osama Bin Laden Stunt Landed Him On No-Fly List (VIDEO)

Screenshot from O'Keefe's video

James O’Keefe is now on the no-fly list after he snuck into the country wearing an Osama Bin Laden costume.

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Russia Backing Texas Secession Movement

Photo CC by Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Putin aims to destabilize the United States, and the so-called “Republic of Texas” is happy to oblige.

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Red Light Camera Exec Admits To Bribery Of Public Officials

PD Image from Wikipedia

The former CEO to Redflex pled guilty to charges in several states that he bribed multiple politicians to place red light cameras.

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Communist Reveals Dylann Roof’s Personal Manifesto And Photos

Public Domain photo from Pixabay

The nation owes one Marxist a huge debt of gratitude for uncovering Dylann Roof’s website. Well done, Comrade!

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North Korea Makes New Drug Available, Western Media Claims It Can Cure Cancer

Picture of Kumdang-2 package, from AliBaba

When North Korea made an immune system recovery medication available for export, the media began claiming all sorts of miracles it could do.

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Texas Says ‘F*ck The Constitution’ And Decides To Deposit Fantasy Gold To Back State Currency

Texas Says ‘F*ck The Constitution’ And Decides To Deposit Fantasy Gold To Back State Currency

Directly against the US Constitution, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed a bill to create a state run currency.

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AZ Preacher Reveals Himself As A Holocaust Denier (VIDEO)


Preacher Steven Anderson produced this video, where he tries to claim that there was no ‘Final Solution’ – Watch him give Nazi’s a pass on murder.

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Greedy Banker Wins $40 Billion Case Against Government Bailout, Gets Nothing

Photo CC by Abir Anwar

Maurice ‘Hank’ Greenberg just won his case against the government bailout of AIG. Judge’s decision – You get nothing, sir! Good day!

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Bibi Declares Any Criticism Of Israel Attack On Gaza A Waste Of Time

Hope Always Exists - Photo by Asad Al Saftawy

Ahead of the UN report on Israel’s assault on Gaza last year, Israel issued its own report, finding itself completely innocent of all accusations. Surprised?

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He Who Must Not Be Named Outpolling Most Of GOP Presidential Field

Parody campaign bumper sticker

Polling has found that more Republicans would vote for the Dark Lord than for one of their actual candidates for president.

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Stars And Stripes – A Heraldic Origin Long Forgotten

PD Image of Flag designed by Francis Hopskinson, painted in 1822 by John Trumbull

Do you know the origin of the Flag flown by the United States? An ancient use of heraldic symbology adapted to the Revolution.

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Big Coal In Trouble As Costs Climb And Profits Plummet

Mining photo cc 2005 by Stephen Codrington via Wikimedia Commons.

Big Coal has been forcing the full costs of their industry onto the public for a long time. Now they have to pay the piper.

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Did Senator Kirk Just Out Lindsey Graham On An Open Mic? (AUDIO)

Did Senator Kirk Just Out Lindsey Graham On An Open Mic? (AUDIO)

To some, Senator Kirk’s comment about Graham being a ‘Bro with no ho’ was a kick out of the closet. But what is the truth of the matter?

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Ham Demands Miley Cyrus Have Sex With Animals And Kids

Screenshot, Hannah Montana S4E9

Creationist Ken Ham responds to Miley Cyrus’ criticism of the Noah’s Ark fairy tale by questioning why she does not rape animals and children.

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Is It Time For A Jubilee? An Ancient Idea Whose Time Has Come

Photo CC by Claritas

In ancient times, there used to be a celebration within which debts and criminal punishments were forgiven — a jubilee.

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Mysterious Donors Spent $125 MILLION To Build Phony Climate Change Denial Movement

Photo CC0, Public Domain, no attribution needed -

When you don’t have the science to back you up, throw $125 million at the problem and TADAAAAA! Instant “controversy.”

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