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NYPD Protest Backfires As Crime Drops After Police Slash Arrests By Two-Thirds

Image courtesy of Occupy wall street

The NYPD protest against the mayor’s push for accountability blew up in their faces when the crime rate began to drop following their work stoppage.

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Exploiting Standardized Testing: South Korean Tutors Rake In Millions

Photo CC by Onderwijsgek

The focus on standardized testing and entrance exams has resulted in a billion-dollar industry of private tutors and pop-celebrity teachers – which is great if you have the money for it.

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John Oliver Tells Us All How To Survive New Year’s Eve (VIDEO)

John Oliver Tells Us All How To Survive New Year’s Eve (VIDEO)

With the holiday season nearly at an end, we all can use some advice on how to survive the last few hours before they come to a close – John Oliver is here to deliver.

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Al Jazeera Sacrificed In Political Maneuver: Network Censored By Owners

Al Jazeera buys Current TV, photo courtesy of  Al Jazeera. com

The Qatar-owned network found itself on the bad end of political negotiations between the nation and its neighbors – censorship of what was a leading news outlet.

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Whoops – NYPD Tweets Wrong Picture For Officer Funeral, Multiple Times

2007 Funeral of NYPD Officer Russel Timoshenko, courtesy NYPD

In honor of fallen officer Rafael Ramos, the NYPD’s various twitter feeds shared photographs they claimed were of the event – in reality were sharing one from 2007.

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100 Years Since The World Stopped Fighting – Remembering The Christmas Truce

Photograph of French and German soldiers, taken by unknown photographer, December 25, 1914.

World War I was the war to end all wars, but on this day, Christmas of 1914, the fighting just stopped, as the soldiers on both sides left their trenches to celebrate together.

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In A Surprise Move, North Korea Pledges Support To Finding Sony Hackers

In A Surprise Move, North Korea Pledges Support To Finding Sony Hackers

Still proclaiming their innocence for the hack on Sony Pictures, North Korea pledges their support to hunting down the hacker group ‘Guardians of Peace.’

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Ferguson Prosecutor Admits He Knowingly Put Lying Witness Before Grand Jury (VIDEO)

official photograph of Prosecutor Robert McCulloch

In a shocking revelation, prosecutor Robert McCulloch admitted on-air that he knew Witness 40 was lying before he put her on the stand in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

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US Officials Signed Off On Movie Depicting Assassination Of North Korean Leader

Screenshot from movie trailer of The Interview

Perhaps North Korea’s claim that the movie is part of a coordinated US propaganda effort are not so outlandish as first thought, leaked internal emails from Sony reveal.

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Yes, The Leader Of Israel’s Legislature Did Declare Christmas Trees As Symbols Of Persecution

The Christmas tree is one of many pagan traditions which have been adopted by Christians. No big deal, we're happy to share.

According to Yuli Edelstein, Speaker of Israel’s legislature, the Knesset, Christmas trees were held up as symbols of persecution against the Jewish people.

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Three Members Of Congress Tricked Legislature To Declaring Cold War On Russia

CC photo of Russian Honor Guard from Pixabay

Did you know that you could pass legislation without having anybody debate it, or even vote on it? Three congressmen did just that, declaring a cold war on the Soviet Union, I mean Russia.

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Ferguson Witness 40 Revealed As Ex-Felon With History Of Lying To Police

Image via Huffington Post

The prosecutor put a witness who, it turns out, has a history of claiming to know information on high profile police cases, on the stand before the Ferguson grand jury.

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Creed Frontman Committed After Claiming To Be CIA Assassin Ordered To Kill Obama (VIDEO)

PD Photo of Scott Stapp performing on the deck of the USS Ronald Reagan

In a weird 911 recording released by TMZ, it was revealed that Scott Stapp, lead singer for the band Creed, claimed to be a CIA assassin ordered with killing President Obama.

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Someone In The US Senate Tried To Wipe Out CIA Torture From Wikipedia Page

Photo CC by Jordan L'Hôte

Someone in Congress thought to get all editorial on Wikipedia, systematically trying to wipe out any references to torture in the recently released CIA Torture report.

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Low Oil Prices Increasing Refinery Output To Record Levels

Anacortes Oil Refinery, Photo CC by Walter Siegmund

As oil prices drop, refineries ramp up, processing more petroleum than ever in order to take advantage of the market.

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Undercover Cops Busted Trying To Incite Looting – Threaten Crowd When Exposed (VIDEO)

Photo from Courtney Harrop

Undercover officers in Oakland were uncovered trying to incite a riot, pulled their guns when exposed and threatened those with cameras.

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Unions Just Got A Big Legal Victory Handed To Them By… Clarence Thomas?

What Conservative Does Justice Thomas Sleep With On A Regular Basis? 
Steve Petteway, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States - Clarence Thomas - The Oyez Project

In writing the majority court decision in the Integrity Staffing Solutions Inc. vs. Busk decision, Justice Thomas may have just killed Right-To-Work and anti-Union laws.

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Our Favorite Old White Guy Rails Against Eric Garner Decision In This Must See Video (VIDEO – NSFW)

His rage is so raw, so palpable, he almost appears to howl on behalf of all of us so outraged by this event and this verdict.

Youtuber ‘GrandpasCorner’ aka ‘AngryGrandpa’ released his own commentary on the Eric Garner decision – much like his famous rant on the George Zimmerman case, he says what we all feel.

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Ferguson Prosecutor Busted Presenting Fake Witness Before Grand Jury (VIDEO)

Image via Shawn Semmler,, image dated August 16, 2014.

It has been revealed that the FBI interviewed ‘Witness 40′ and discovered that she made up the whole account – Prosecutor McCulloch went ahead with her testimony anyways.

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House Votes To Sell Apache Land To Foreign Corporation, The Tribe Is Furious

PD Image Tonto National Forest

The San Carlos Apache Tribe is understandably upset as the House attached an amendment to this years NDAA which would sell their land to Australian mining company Rio Tinto.

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