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Randa Morris has been a freelance writer for over ten years. She is an active political blogger and administrator for several social media activism groups.

Texas Police Shoot Unarmed 26-Year-Old Hospital Patient (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture KTRK in Houston

He drove himself to the hospital to seek help after experiencing what appears to be some kind of mental health episode. Instead of helping him, an off-duty police officer, working hospital security, shot him.

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Hilarious Video Features Actors Repeating Donald Trump Quotes In Every Day Settings (Video)

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore, via Wikipedia, creative commons license 3.0

Imagine running into this buffoon at the office, the gym or anywhere else normal people hang out…

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Jack*ss Right Wing Politicians Face Jail Time For ATV Protest Through Ancient Archaeological Site (VIDEOS)

Featured image credit: via screen capture The Salt Lake Tribune via youtube

Federal prosecutors are seeking jail time for two Tea Party politicians convicted of conspiracy, after they organized an ATV protest through an ancient archaeological site in Utah’s Recapture Canyon.

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Potential School Shooting Tragedy Averted By Heroic And Unarmed Teacher (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture WDTV

One teacher is credited with talking down a would-be school shooter, after the 14-year-old used a gun to hold her and 29 high school students hostage on Tuesday.

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Watch John Oliver Explain Why We Need The Equality Act Of 2015 (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: LastWeekTonight via youtube

It’s time to end discrimination against LGBT citizens once and for all.

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Fox News Lies Obliterated By Latest Seattle MSA Jobs Report (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Fox News Lies Obliterated By Latest Seattle MSA Jobs Report (IMAGES/VIDEO)

The Seattle MSA just set a record for most restaurant jobs gained in a 30-day period. So much for right wing lies about how raising wages would destroy Seattle’s food service industry.

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Man Crushed By M5 Armored Tank During Jelly Belly Chairman’s Family Reunion (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, KTXL

This is why “playing with military equipment” does not belong on anyone’s list of “fun-family-reunion activities.”

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WTF? Scott Walker’s Rambling, Incoherent Answers Leave Reporter Stumped (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, NBC via tin tuc on youtube

What did he just say?

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Colorado Family Outraged Over ‘You F*cking Mexicans’ On Dinner Receipt (VIDEO)

image credit: video screen capture KDVR

According to the owner, it’s okay, because the slur was meant for the cook, not the customer. What do you think?

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Here’s What The #BlackLivesMatter Movement Has Accomplished (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Fibonacci Blue on Flckr, under creative commons license 2.0

Indictments of police are 5 times higher today than they were just five months ago.

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This Week In Police Brutality And Corruption: Five Ways To Change The System

This Week In Police Brutality And Corruption: Five Ways To Change The System

In order to end police brutality and corruption we have to change the system at the local, state and national levels.

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Jesus Versus Republicans: On Trickle-Down Economics (IMAGES/VIDEO)

image credit: public domain image via wikipedia

What the Bible says about trickle-down economics.

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Christian Pastor Out On Bond For Child Sexual Abuse, Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture WCHS

This guy’s family members and supporters literally have to be seen to be believed.

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School Official: The Only Thing Women Know Is ‘Laying On Your Back With Your Legs In The Air Splayed’ (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture KFVS

A Missouri school board member was asked to resign following an extremely degrading comment about women, which was directed toward another board member, during an official meeting.

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Georgia Public High School Under Fire For Racist Symbols (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, WTOC

Not wanting your school to be represented by a Confederate-flag-waving Confederate soldier is racist, according to white southern racists.

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Bernie Sanders Slams Media’s Superficial And Trivial Journalism (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Marc Nozell via Flckr, creative commons license 2.0

Sanders called out the Fourth Estate on Monday, during an interview with the New York Times. “When the media worries about what Hillary’s hair looks like or what my hair looks like, that’s a real problem…”

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Jesus Versus White Republican Jesus (VIDEO)

Public domain image, "Healing of the Paralytic" via wikipedia

Was Jesus a white man? I don’t see how he possibly could have been.

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This Week In Police Brutality And Corruption: No Video, No Justice (VIDEOS)

Featured image credit: video screen shot via News10

These five cases of cops caught on video this week serve to remind us how important it is that every police officer, in every police department in the U.S., be equipped with a mandatory body camera.

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Fast And Furious: Fox News Tells One Lie Every 14 Seconds In Segment On Seattle Minimum Wage (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Elf Sternberg via Flckr, creative commons license 2.0

During a recent segment titled “Minimum Wage Hike Killing Jobs In Seattle,” Fox probably didn’t break any of its previous records on the number of lies told, or the speed at which the network tells them, but they sure gave it a good try.

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Texas Cop Who Shot Unarmed Teen Fired From Police Force, May Face Criminal Charges (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture via arlingtonpolicemedia on youtube

“I have serious concerns as to the rationale articulated for the use of deadly force in this incident,” Arlington police chief Will Johnson said during a Tuesday press conference, held to address the officer-involved shooting of Christian Taylor.

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