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Randa Morris has been a freelance writer for over ten years. She is an active political blogger and administrator for several social media activism groups.

This 104-Year-Old Woman Has Only One Wish: To Meet President Obama (VIDEO)

Featured image: video screen capture via Maxine Cain on Facebook

This 104-year-old woman has something to say to the president…

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Watch: Republican Candidate John Kasich Is Fed Up With His Party’s Hate Speech (VIDEO)

Watch: Republican Candidate John Kasich Is Fed Up With His Party’s Hate Speech (VIDEO)

John Kasich just released this anti-Trump ad, based on the famous “First They Came For” quote, which was written during the Nazi holocaust, and it is spot on.

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Chicago Cop Who Shot Black Teen Sixteen Times Charged With First-Degree Murder (VIDEO)

featured image credit: video screen capture via CBS Chicago

Officer Jason Van Dyke formally charged with murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. City officials are preparing for mass protests following the release of dashcam video showing the teen’s execution.

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Jersey City Mayor BLASTS Lying Liar Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Featured image by Michael Vadon. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr:

“Trump needs to understand that Jersey City will not be part of his hate campaign.”

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Top U.S. Psychiatrists Confirm Trump’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder, ‘Textbook Case’

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore, via Wikipedia, creative commons license 3.0

“He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops because there’s no better example of his characteristics…”

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Twenty Facts About Muslims For Right-Wing Dummies

Featured image credit: wikimedia commons via Nabila Engagement.
Author	Zul from Brunei Darussalam. cc 2.0

Here are twenty facts that expose the ignorance of right-wing anti-Muslim hysteria.

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After Losing His Wife In Paris Attack, This Man’s Powerful Message Went Viral (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture via BBC on youtube

Antoine Leiris lost his wife Helene in the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. His message will touch you in a profound way.

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Watch: Ignorant Islamophobic Bigots Scream Insults At Muslims During Virginia Town Hall (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture WUSA

“Every one of you are terrorists, I don’t care what you say. Every Muslim is a terrorist.”

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Ben Carson’s Comprehension Problem: His Own Advisers Admit He ‘Doesn’t Get’ Foreign Policy (VIDEO)

image credit via flckr

Carson’s top foreign policy adviser described intense and on-going weekly briefings with the candidate as an attempt to “make him smart.” At the same time he lamented that the effort seems to be failing.

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U.S. Economy Mocks GOP Trickle-Down Bunk With Actual Record-Breaking Holiday Hiring Spree

Image via Flickr

Under President Obama, the U.S. economy just shattered all previous records for holiday job creation.

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Watch: Minneapolis Police Launch Military-Style Assault On Peaceful Protesters (VIDEO)

featured image credit: Video screen capture via Jean Collins on youtube

Moments before police began the assault on protesters, the person filming notes that “I think the real threat to public safety here is, uh, the police, more than this crowd.” He was right.

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Minneapolis Protesters Shut Down Highway, Take Over Police Station: This Is What They Want (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture WCCO

Following the “execution-style” killing of Jamar Clark by police in Minneapolis hundreds of protesters are demanding #Justice4Jamar.

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Man Adopts Shelter Dog Then Shoots It To Death, Police Say It’s Not A Crime (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: screen capture via Facbook

Bruno was shot four times on various parts of his body, before being left in the woods to suffer and die alone. But shooting a dog to death, even in this horrible manner, isn’t a crime in New Hampshire.

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Cops Caught On Camera Brutally Beating An Unarmed Man (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture via San Francisco Public Defenders Office on youtube

“You see a shocking and brutal attack on a man that appears not to be resisting,” the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office said. “It’s dismaying to see him lying there bleeding and calling for help and not getting it for a while.”

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NFL Star Gives McDonald’s Worker A $500 Tip To Buy A Pair Of Shoes

Featured image by Danielk2. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons:'s-Svedala.JPG#/media/File:McDonald%27s-Svedala.JPG

Seventeen-year-old Terrance Downs was working at a McDonald’s in Dallas, Texas, on November 8, when he got the surprise of a lifetime.

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Crazy White Woman Singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Tries To Kill A Cop, Doesn’t Get Shot (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Video screen capture New York Daily News

She rammed the police car head on, clearly trying to kill an officer who was attempting to apprehend her. Then she climbed out of the sunroof, proclaiming “I’m god bitches. Welcome to hell!”

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Violent Student Arrests At University Of Alabama Spark Protest Against Tuscaloosa Police (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture via Grumpeh Cat on youtube

The violent arrest of three University of Alabama students, following a simple noise complaint, sparked anti-police brutality protests in Tuscaloosa.

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Christian Homeschooling Parents Abused, Starved And Imprisoned Child Because God (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture via WVUE

Diana and Samuel Franklin claim locking their daughter in a chicken coop for days, withholding food and clothing, and using a dog shock collar to ‘train her’ was part of their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

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Concealed-Carry Mom’s Preschooler Shoots Himself In Grocery Store Parking Lot (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, via WDIV

Another responsible gun-owner’s child pays the price for mom’s 2nd Amendment rights…

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Public Integrity Investigation Reveals The Ten Worst State Governments In The Country

Image credit: background Wikimedia Commons, GNU Free Documentation License, with modifications by Randa Morris

The Center For Public Integrity just released its annual report on ethics, accountability and transparency in state government. Ten states got a big fat F – for fail.

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