Articles by: Randa Morris
Randa Morris has been a freelance writer for over ten years. She is an active political blogger and administrator for several social media activism groups.

Christian ‘Patriot’ School Implicated In Fraud, Conspiracy, After Hiring Child Molester (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: screen capture

An investigation into allegations that a North Carolina ‘Christian’ school knowingly hired a man convicted of sexual offenses against an 8-year-old child, turned up more than officials were looking for.

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Undercover Cop Brutally Beats 17-Year-Old Kid, Claims ‘Self-Defense’ (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture via Fights on youtube

Witnesses say the plain clothes officer never identified himself as a cop, before tackling the 17-year-old student and punching him repeatedly in the face.

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No Charges For Pastor Who Raped Mentally Disabled Woman, Thanks To Louisiana Law (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, WBRZ in Baton Rouge

Thanks to Louisiana’s ‘it’s not rape if she doesn’t resist’ law, a pastor can’t be charged for having sex with a 20-year-old woman, even though she has the mental capacity of a seven-year-old child.

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President Obama Sings The Blues With The Late B.B. King (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: White House, via youtube

President Obama described the late B.B. as “an ambassador who brought his all-American music to the country and the world.” Here’s why the President’s comments were spot on.

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How ‘Not Racist’ Cops React When A Black Man Tries To Open Carry (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture via Willy Upchuck on youtube

Open carry laws, like stand your ground laws, wee never meant for Black people.

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Jeb Bush’s Porn Problem (VIDEO)

Featured image credit:  Gage Skidmore via Flickr creative commons license 2.0. Image resized.

That time when Jeb Bush’s administration told conservative Christians that “morals and values” would not be allowed to influence financial decisions…

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Claudia Jordan Demands Apology After Racial Profiling In Alabama Mall (VIDEOS)

Featured image credit: video screen capture

Actress, model and radio host, Claudia Jordan, was the target of racial profiling, during a recent visit to an Auburn, Alabama mall.

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Cops Gun Down Black Homeowner Who Called Them For Help (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, WCIV-TV

When intruders broke in to Bryant Heyward’s Charleston County, South Carolina home, he called the police for help. Instead of helping, it took police 1.1 seconds to gun him down.

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Matthew Apperson Blows Smoke At Reporters: Has George Zimmerman Met His Match? (VIDEO)

Featured image credit:  video screen capture, WESH 2 in Orlando via Urban Nation News on youtube

Matthew Apperson, who says he fired a bullet through the window of George Zimmerman’s car because he was “in fear of his life,” blows smoke at the press outside the police station.

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Video Evidence Exonerates Black Man Who Shot Racist Attacker (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Tim Black, via youtube

If not for video footage, Jehrardd Williams would have been forced to rely on the testimony of biased witnesses, one that even referred to him as “spook” and “n*gger,” to prove that he acted in self defense.

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Top 10 Ways Liberal Moms Make The World A Better Place (VIDEO)

Featured image; Wikimedia commons

Liberal moms rock!

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Sheriff Busted For Illegal Quotas Claims ‘Ignorance Of The Law’ As Defense (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen shot

Ignorance of the law is not a defense – unless you’re a cop.

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Guess Which Thing Republicans Care About Most– Morals Or Money? (VIDEO)

Featured image credit:, public domain

The Alabama republican party has been waging a war on the ‘immoral activity’ of gambling for years, but all of that changed after they got an offer equal to the state’s entire 2016 deficit…

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Family Caught Vandalizing Oregon Scenic Park: ‘We Can Do What We Want’ (VIDEO)

Family Caught Vandalizing Oregon Scenic Park: ‘We Can Do What We Want’ (VIDEO)

An outraged Oregon resident described his encounter with a family at Tumalo Falls as “appalling” and “mind-blowing.”

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Massive Tree Falls On Playground, Injuring Children (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: WHDH in Chelsea

This terrifying scene from a Massachusetts children’s park should serve as a reminder of why it’s so important to invest in our public spaces.

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Father Says Cops ‘Assassinated’ Unarmed 19-Year-Old Son ‘Right In My Face’ (VIDEO)

Father Says Cops ‘Assassinated’ Unarmed 19-Year-Old Son ‘Right In My Face’ (VIDEO)

The family of Terrance Kellom says that video footage, which was confiscated by the police, will prove that the unarmed teen was brutally assassinated inside his father’s home.

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Muslims Condemn Texas Shooting: ‘Violence Is Never An Appropriate Response To Hate Speech’

Featured image credit: wikimedia commons license 3.0

While Muslims groups quickly condemned the actions of two Islamic-Extremists who wounded a security guard in Texas on May 3, the Christian community refuses to accept responsibility for their part in this…

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Devoted Followers Support Con-Artist Pastor As He Pleads Guilty To Multiple Felonies (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture Passion For Truth Ministries, via youtube

As a crowd of his devoted followers packed the courthouse, Pastor Jim Staley, founder of the international ‘Passion For Truth Ministries’ admitted to defrauding elderly investors out of millions of dollars.

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Michigan Shaken By 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake: Is Fracking To Blame? (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: screen capture, US Geological Survey

Michigan just experienced the second strongest earthquake ever recorded in the state. Could this be related to the state’s recent introduction of horizontal fracking? You bet.

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Hospital Told Dying Mom To Surrender GoFundMe Account Or No Kidney Transplant (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Christine Royles, via GoFundMe

A hospital which was supposed to perform a life-saving kidney transplant on a 23-year-old mom, wants control of a GoFundMe account that raised money to help cover non-medical costs.

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