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Randa Morris has been a freelance writer for over ten years. She is an active political blogger and administrator for several social media activism groups.

It’s Time To Get Serious About Ending Internet Hate Speech (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Andrea Grimes via RH Reality Check

Andrea Grimes of RH Reality Check recently took matters into her own hands, after receiving a threatening, hate-filled message from a vicious online troll.

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John Boehner Releases Asinine ‘Jelly Bean Day’ Video On Earth Day (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, House Speaker John Boehner via Twitter

If we needed one more example of why republicans are not fit to lead our country, John Boehner’s juvenile ‘Jelly Bean Day’ video is it.

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Texas Cop Smashes Woman’s Face Into Pavement, Knocks Her Unconscious (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture KVUE News, via Kortel News on youtube

“It looked like she was dead,” one witness said, following the incident.

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Cops Took Creepy Photos Of Dead Girl After Removing Her Clothes (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture WGN News Chicago

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is no longer denying the existence of nude photos, which were taken of a 20-year-old accident victim, following her death.

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Texas GOP Removes Public Integrity Unit’s Power To Investigate Or Prosecute Texas GOP (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Paul Hajj via Deviant Art, creative commons license 3.0

Texas republicans voted to give themselves immunity from investigations conducted by the state’s Public Integrity Unit. No really…

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GOP’s Racist Gerrymandering Takes Another Hit At The Supreme Court (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: flickr

North Carolina Republicans are so smug when it comes to their redistricting plans. After all, they’ve been getting away with the same kinds of election rigging schemes for years.

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Chiquita Brands Responsible For Children Sprayed With Pesticides, Suit Claims (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Wikipedia

A lawsuit alleges water and soil contamination, and airborne exposure to toxic chemicals. It also charges Chiquita with “fraud, unfair competition, and consumer law violations.”

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Cop’s Confederate Flag Adorned Car Causes Controversy For NYPD (VIDEO)

Cop’s Confederate Flag Adorned Car Causes Controversy For NYPD (VIDEO)

Some residents were understandably upset to see an NYPD officer’s vehicle, adorned with a Confederate flag on top, parked outside the 34th precinct station on Friday.

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DOJ Says Over 95 Percent Of Testimony From FBI Forensic Unit Was Flawed (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: flickr

Over the course of three decades, the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit gave flawed testimony in nearly every criminal trial they were involved with.

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So Much For Hobby Lobby: Wal-Mart Wins Right To Suppress Christian Shareholders (VIDEO)

Image via

If the majority shareholders don’t determine a corporation’s “sincerely held religious beliefs,” who does?

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Letters From Third-Graders Illustrate The Harsh Impact Of Childhood Poverty (IMAGES)

Image credit: Kyle Schwartz via ABC News

A third grade teacher asked her students to write down one thing “I wish my teacher knew.” The responses will break your heart.

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State Regulators Wage War On Seed Savers (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: edibleoffice via flickr, under creative commons license 2.0

Is saving and sharing seeds a human right or a crime?

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Charges Filed Against Reserve Deputy In Eric Harris Killing (VIDEO)

Featured photo from video footage of Tulsa County, Okla. police chasing down Eric Harrs and Robert Bates shooting him: Video screen grab/Live Leak.

According to KRMG in Tulsa, the 73-year-old reserve deputy who fired the shot that ended the life of Harris has been charged with “second-degree manslaughter involving culpable negligence.”

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Police Chief Rails Against US ‘Fascination With Guns’ After Ohio Toddler Shoots Baby (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Pixabay

“A one-year-old child lost their life today. This fascination that we have with handguns, not just in this city but in this country, has to stop.”

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Landmark Settlement In Wrongful Death Case Of Sexually Assaulted Teen (VIDEO)

*Featured image credit: video screen capture via NBC Dallas-Forth Worth

The family of Audrie Pott will receive a $950,000 wrongful death settlement, but it’s the 12 non-monetary terms of the agreement that could have the greatest impact on US rape culture.

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This ‘Redneck’ May Have Just Started A White Revolution Against Racism (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: Dixon D White, via Facebook

This man’s rants about racism are so unexpected and so brutally honest, they’ve sparked a movement and it’s growing fast.

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Psycho Sandy Hook Truther Arrested For Series Of Disturbing Phone Calls To School (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture WFSB Connecticut

After being arrested for placing a series of harassing phone calls to Sandy Hook Elementary School, Timothy Rigalski told a judge he doesn’t think he did “anything that terrible.”

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Local News Helicopter Catches Cops Brutally Beating A Man In The Desert (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture NBC4 Los Angeles

After being caught on camera mercilessly beating a man in the desert on April 9, police have refused to provide information on his whereabouts or condition.

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Watch Corrupt Cleveland Police Obstruct Justice During Killer Cop’s Manslaughter Trial (VIDEO)

*Featured image credit: video screen captures, WEWS Cleveland

“This is what the state has been talking about – the blue wall – this individual would not come testify. He’s a police officer. His loyalty should be to the citizens…”

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Witness To Eric Garner Death Won’t Eat After Suit Filed Alleging Rat Poison In Food At Rikers (VIDEO)

Featured image credit: video screen capture, Atiq Zabinski via youtube

In a complaint filed in the East District of New York, lawyers representing 19 prisoners housed in New York’s Rikers Island correctional facility claim that a blue-green substance was found in the food prisoners were served on March 3. Ramsey Orta was arrested last August, after he captured the choking […]

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