Articles by: Lauren Vargas

The AFA Calls for the Hitlerization, err… the Criminalization of Homosexuality

Bryan Fischer. Image from

Did spokesman of the American Family Association, Bryan Fischer, just finish reading Mein Kampf? In another conservative moment of the week (surprise, surprise), Fischer called on the American public to support the criminalization of homosexuality.

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Hey Republicans, Share the Wealth… The Somalis Are Dying!

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While Americans enjoy picnics, run after ice-creams trucks and enjoy endless summer treats, millions of Somalis fall victim to fatal starvation. Our western obsessions for bikini-ready fad diets and debt-ceiling chatter restrict us from one harsh, disgusting reality: 30,000 Somali children have died in the last 90 days.

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Legalizing Racism: Right Wing Attempts to Sanction Xenophobia Through Anti-Immigration Laws

Alabama's Republican Governor, Robert Bentley

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley of the Republican Party is getting major heat from the U.S. Justice Department for his signing of H.B. 56, a radical law that orders police officers to determine the illegal status of many immigrants.

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