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How To Talk To People Who Aren’t Racist, But…

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Face it, you’ll probably never get through to them, but you’ll walk away with the satisfaction of knowing that you bested them if you just keep these few retorts in mind.

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Depressing Poll Says Americans Are Turning Against Gay Marriage

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Almost everyone, whether religious or not, thinks that their own beliefs are being discriminated against.

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Rush Limbaugh’s Black Friend, ‘Snerdley’ Is Just As Racist As Rush

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If you’ve ever wondered how Rush Limbaugh’s African-American call screener does it, it seems he’s on a regular diet of Rush’s racist koolaid.

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Poll: 1/3 Of Americans Can’t Even Name One Branch Of The Government (VIDEO)

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Not only do most Americans not know about the basic workings of the government, they don’t know about the current state of government. Most have no idea who controls the House and Senate (no wonder they blame everything on Obama).

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Colorado Teachers Protest Having To Teach Extreme Right-Wing Indoctrination (Not Hyperbole)

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Koch brothers — coming to a classroom near you.

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Newt Gingrich Calls GOP ‘Pathetic’ And Wants Them To Let Up On Obama

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It’s easy to be nostalgic for the 90s. The economy was booming, there was no war on terror, the Internet was just taking off, global warming was only beginning to rear its ugly head, pop culture was dominated by six perky, sexy New York 20 somethings in a show called […]

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The Ravens Knew Of Ray Rice Assault That Night (VIDEO)

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Just hours after the brutal assault took place, the hotel security guard called the team.

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Sarah Palin Takes To Facebook In Strange Support Of Brawling Bristol

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It’s now looking like Bristol Palin is mean AND violent and Mom is proud. If only the single mother abstinence queen could obtain from fights.

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Child Given Detention For Sharing Lunch (VIDEO)

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Should a kid be punished for giving away what he’d otherwise throw away?

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How Insurers Are Still Screwing People – Despite Obamacare

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Figures that insurance companies would figure a way around the preexisting condition protections in the Affordable Care Act.

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Gun Manufacturer Names Gun Barrel ‘Obama’s Blaster’ (VIDEO)

Screenshot from Obama's Blaster video

President Obama has done nothing to take away people’s guns, yet he is constantly subject to this disgusting sort of treasonous ‘parody.’

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St. Louis County Police Chief Takes To Media To Defend Militarization Of Police

Image courtesy of The Feminist Wire

Hopefully, even though terrorism is once again making headlines and even though time has passed since Ferguson, Missouri erupted, we can make the militarization of police an election issue in November.

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Hannity Compares Adrian Peterson’s Child Abuse With Birth Control

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Of course, Hannity first blames it on liberals.

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Fox Does It – Links NFL Domestic Violence Scandal To Benghazi

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Wife of a former football player, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, somehow managed to tie the NFL scandal to Benghazi.

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‘Responsible’ Gun Owner Threatens Boy For Practicing A Clarinet

Image courtesy of Reuters and Mesa Sheriff's Office

Another ‘good gal with a gun’ threatening a child for practicing music.

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Militarized Schools? Military Gave San Diego Schools A Tank

Image courtesy of NPR

The militarization of police forces is bad enough. Do we really have to have militarized school districts?

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Palin Source Admits To Brawl But Blames Someone Else

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This could have been the second family.

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Disgusting Video ‘Proves’ That Michelle Obama Is A Man, But The Comments Are Even Worse (VIDEO)

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The video also claims that tennis player Serena Williams is a man. Hmmm. What do Williams and Obama have in common?

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Radio Host: President Obama Wants To ‘Mow Down’ White People

Apparently, Michael Savage wants to see more of this on American streets, as long as the guns are being pointed at minorities. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

I think it’s time America stood up and said, “we’re sick of your hate mongering.”

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This Is What Happens When Chicago Privatizes School Janitorial Services

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The only thing the private sector does better than the public sector is make people rich.

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