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Only Half Of Americans Trust Police To Make Situations Better (VIDEO)

The poll suggests that Michael Brown’s shooting has had some impact on people’s perceptions.

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The Coolest Find Ever – Barack Obama On PBS’ ‘Check Please’ In 2001 (VIDEO)

Imagine the stories that these folks now have to tell.

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You’ll Love This Hilarious ‘Obamacare’ Ad Aimed At Young People (VIDEO)

Young adults, who often feel impervious to illness or injury, have been slow to see the need for health insurance. They’ve also been slow to sign up under the Affordable Care Act, despite the fact that after crunching the numbers for the nearly exact same Romneycare, young adults save a […]

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Man And Woman Who Don’t ‘Take Sh*t From N**gers’ Sucker Punched Transportation Worker (VIDEO)

These two racists sucker punched an African-American MBTA employee while drunk and hurling racist slurs.

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Woman Showed Ashes Of Deceased Husband And T-Mobile Still Wouldn’t Cancel Account

Of course, she also offered the death certificate.

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This May Be The Worst News You Hear Ever – The World Is Running Out Of Chocolate

Conserve this holiday season, folks, or there just might not be enough chocolate left in the world to provide for next year’s festivities.

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Elephants And Terrorism – Jon Stewart Shows Why The NRA Is Ruining The Entire World (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart really broke down just how evil the NRA really is. They are willing to oppose the slaughter of innocent elephants so that their followers can have ivory-handled guns.

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Today In Wingnuttery: Amnesty Will Be ‘Suicide For America’

Republicans don’t need immigrants to turn us into a third world country. All they need is a distracted electorate.

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Mitt Romney Warns Obama Not To Get Too Uppity (VIDEO)

Romney, who has ZERO foreign policy experience, is now a go-to expert on making sure Obama knows his place.

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Bill Maher’s Brilliant Take-Down Of Those Who Think Not Voting Will Make Things Better (VIDEO)

Maher: “If your hands aren’t dirty, it’s not because you’re pure. It’s because you’re not helping.”

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This Might Be Sarah Palin’s Most Incoherent Video Yet (VIDEO)

Before microphones, cameras and Ronald Reagan, there were people like Sarah Palin, but they were typically introduced to the mental health system, where they received things like shock treatment and lobotomies.

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Exorcism In Front Of A Texas Starbucks And It’s On Video (VIDEO)

This is either the funniest or scariest thing you’ll see today.

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Malls Are Beginning To Fine Stores For Staying Closed On Thanksgiving

You’ll never believe who’s being blamed for the fact that stores are being forced to stay open. It’s you, Millennials.

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A Year After It Matters, George Zimmerman Neighbor Says Trayvon Martin Was Targeted For Race (VIDEO)

What causes an admitted racist to have a change of heart? I believe him. How about you?

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Parody – 10 Hours Of Princess Leia Walking Around Manhattan (VIDEO)

The satire version of 10 hours in Manhattan might get the point across better than the original.

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Domino’s Founder Created All Catholic, No Birth Control Town In Florida

And he also bought himself Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. If this story doesn’t piss you off, nothing will.

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One Of The Best Parts Of Childhood Might Be Gone Forever – Bye Bye Snow Days

One of the best things about winter was snow days.

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Nancy Grace Being Sued For Calling Innocent Man Serial Killer (VIDEO)

With Nancy Grace, if you are a mother or a man, you are presumed guilty, even if proven innocent.

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Simpsons Creator Is Giving Away Every Penny As He’s Dying Of Cancer

Lisa Simpson would be so proud.

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Thanks Obama – Man Runs His Truck Over Black Man, Blames President (VIDEO)

How’s that ‘racism is dead’ treatin’ ya’?

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