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Pope Francis Slams Capitalism And Those Who Criticize Him For It In His Best Interview Yet

via Globedia

Pope Francis delivers his best attack on capitalism, while also slamming those who criticize him for caring about the poor.

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Boy Shares Image Of His LEGO Spaceship On Internet, Everything Gets Awesome (IMAGES)


An incredible lesson in family, chasing our dreams, and the power of giving.

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Fox Host Demands Proof Of Sony Hack, So Expert Hacks Him Live On Air (VIDEO)

Image via YouTube

John McAfee gave this Fox Host the shock of his life to prove a point about the Sony Hack.

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Parents Make Video Of Baby With A Gun In Her Mouth (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: YouTube (Screengrab)

“Bad parenting” doesn’t even begin to describe this…

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Infallible Pope Settles It: Breastfeeding In Public No Harm To God, So What’s YOUR Problem?

(Image courtesy of Flickr)

“You mothers give your children milk and even now, if they cry because they are hungry, breastfeed them, don’t worry.”

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Woman Seeks Justice After Boyfriend Brutally Tortures Then Kills Her Beloved Dog

Screen capture, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtJ2azo08dc

“I had placed a yellow rose & Draco’s favorite toy in his grave next to him. I chose yellow because he was my shining star at night, & my sunshine during the day.” – Andrea Godfrey on the death of her beloved dog Draco, #JusticeForDraco

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Police Chief ‘Absolutely’ Would Hold That Sign Up Again, But He’d Do One Thing Differently (VIDEO)

image: Video screen grab/Yahoo! News (background) and WWhat's Up, Pittsburgh?! Facebook (foreground).

To McLay’s credit, he had no idea that photo would prove so controversial. ‘What police officer wouldn’t want to stand up against injustice?’

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Two Brave Straight Men Held Hands In Public. Look At What Happened Next. (VIDEO)

Image Credit: Screengrab via Gay Star News

These two guys are some of the best straight allies ever. They really know what it is like now to walk a mile in the shoes of LGBT people, even if it was just for one afternoon.

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Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Gave Birth To 10 Pound Baby (VIDEO)

Featured Image Credit: Video Screenshot via CBS Boston

This woman received the surprise of a lifetime.

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Code Pink Brings ‘Guantanamo Anniversary Weekend Torturers Tour’ To Dick Cheney’s Door (IMAGES)

(Photo courtesy of Facebook)

What has former Vice President Dick Cheney ever done to anyone?

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Horrible 193-Vehicle Pile-Up On Michigan Highway One Of The Worst In US History (VIDEOS)

Featured image credit: screen capture, via Fox 17 West Michigan

Of the five worst multiple-vehicle collisions in US history, this is the second to happen in the state of Michigan, but republicans want to raise the speed limit from 70 mph, to 80 mph?

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When You See How Well Students Around The World Eat, American School Lunches Seem Disgusting (IMAGES)

When You See How Well Students Around The World Eat, American School Lunches Seem Disgusting (IMAGES)

Italy’s looks particularly delicious.

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A Must Listen: Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt’s Epic Take-Down Of Catholic League’s Donohue (AUDIO)

Hugh Hewitt took it to Bill Donohue on remark about the Charlie Hebdon murders.

The Chairman of the Catholic League thought he was going to have another softball interview with Hugh Hewitt. It didn’t quite go the way he planned.

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Conservatives Believe That Obama Is The Most Liberal President Since LBJ, And They’re Right

Courtesy of salon.com

The conservative nightmares are finally being realized, Obama is flexing his liberal muscle.

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Fox Host Eric Bolling Equates Liberals To Al Qaeda Terrorists (VIDEO)

Image via Screenshot

On Friday, Fox News host Eric Bolling compared liberals to terrorists fighting for Al-Qaeda in rhetoric that stunned his co-hosts.

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Unsettling Survey Reveals 1 in 3 College Men Would Rape

Photo Credit: Katie Tegtmeyer / Flickr

…And they don’t think “forced sex” counts.

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Muslim Worker’s Heroic Actions Saved Jews Caught In Paris Kosher Supermarket Attack (VIDEO)

Image via Le JDM

His reward? Immediate arrest and interrogation.

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You Might Mistake Him For A Homeless Guy; He’s Really A Doctor Who Cares About People More Than Profits (VIDEO)

Featured image video credit: screen capture, Nation Swell, via youtube

Five days a week, every week for the past 23 years, this doctor has been going out into the streets to find and treat the homeless.

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George Zimmerman Arrested For Aggravated Assault With A Weapon, Ordered To Surrender All Firearms (VIDEO)

via News 13

George Zimmerman has been arrested — again — This time for aggravated assault with a weapon and domestic violence.

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Bill Maher Slams NYPD: Stop Acting Like ‘New York’s Whiniest’ (VIDEO)

Image via Screenshot

For weeks, the NYPD has been throwing a giant hissy fit in protest of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Bill Maher added his own voice to the chorus who want the police to stop acting like toddlers and start doing their job.

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