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Christian Politician Makes Ass Of Self At Menorah Lighting Ceremony: ‘Jesus Is The Reason For The Season’

Even Jesus had to be like “Come on, dude!”

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Sarah Palin Defends Torture On Facebook In Ignorant Post Attacking President Obama (IMAGE)

America’s village idiot returned to torture everyone with her stupidity once again by writing a defense of torture on Facebook in an ignorant attack on President Obama and Democrats.

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Wondering Where Ted Cruz Got His Crazy From? Watch His Dad Talk About The ‘Social Gospel’

Wondering Where Ted Cruz Got His Crazy From? Watch His Dad Talk About The ‘Social Gospel’

Most of us are well aware of the crazy things that Senator Ted Cruz has said, but none of that compares to the things that come out of the mouth of his father.

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Michele Bachmann Claims Her Superior Intellect Caused Liberalism To Implode (VIDEO)

Michele Bachmann Claims Her Superior Intellect Caused Liberalism To Implode (VIDEO)

In an interview that will cause fact-checkers around the world to die laughing, retiring Tea Party Rep. Michele Bachmann declared that her intelligence brought down liberalism.

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These 5 US Companies Are Worth More Than Russia’s Entire Stock Market (VIDEO)

How can five US companies have more wealth than a huge, powerful nation like Russia?

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We Execute A Black Child, Whitewash The Facts, And Now Clearing His Name Is A Long Shot (VIDEO)

There are no real winners in this story.

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9th Circuit Doesn’t Swallow Argument That Condomless Sex Deserves 1st Amendment Protection

The question: Is latex-free sex protected speech?

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Study: Dr. Oz Is A Quack — Half Of All Advice On His Show Is Unsubstantiated Crap Or Worse

The science is in: Dr. Oz is a quack.

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The Christmas tree is one of many pagan traditions which have been adopted by Christians. No big deal, we're happy to share.

Yes, The Leader Of Israel’s Legislature Did Declare Christmas Trees As Symbols Of Persecution

According to Yuli Edelstein, Speaker of Israel’s legislature, the Knesset, Christmas trees were held up as symbols of persecution against the Jewish people.

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Is It Okay For Parents To Prance Around Naked In Front Of Their Kids? (VIDEO)

Is is okay to be naked in front of your children? We’ve heard from parents. Here’s one child’s experience. Frank Minero was raised by a naked parent and he’s not afraid to talk about it.

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‘Not Racist’ Tea Party Invites Interracial Marriage Opponent To Speak At Convention

In a blatantly racist move that undermines their claim that they are not racists, the Tea Party has invited a white nationalist who opposes interracial marriage to speak at a convention.

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Mom of the Year Candidate Leaves Six-Year-Old In Traffic After Stealing From Walmart

A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after leaving her child in busy traffic to escape shoplifting charges for $24 worth of merchandise.

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Leaked: The Fiery Death Of Kim Jong-un In ‘The Interview’ (VIDEO)

Leaked: The Fiery Death Of Kim Jong-un In ‘The Interview’ (VIDEO)

Why should you watch this? Because fuck terrorism. I’ll watch whatever I damn well please and so should you.

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Now, isn't this what Christmas is all about? Mythical characters aiming Glocks at stereotypical Arab terrorists. Awwww. Can't you just feel the warmth of the holiday?

Here’s The Christmas Card You’ll Be Getting From Your Ammosexual Relatives This Christmas

The perfect Christmas card for the gun lovers in your family. Just try to ignore the sight of Santa getting ready to blow away a generic terrorist in front of Baby Jesus.

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9-Year-Old Writes Her Gay Teacher An Awesome Letter After He Came Out (IMAGE)

After this teacher came out of the closet to his elementary school students, he received this.

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The Breathtaking Hypocrisy Of This Conservative Attorney General’s Ban On Marriage Equality

Right-wing hypocrisy alert!

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A Republican Christmas Wishlist

Here’s a short list of things Republicans wish for at Christmas. Peace on earth is obviously not one of them.

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Fox News Evangelist Franklin Graham Calls On Christians To Martyr Themselves In Name Of God

Fox News calls out for Christian Martyrs…I nominate Franklin Graham first in line. You might too after reading this.

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The night that will live in our memories. Stephen Colbert caused an uproar at the 2006 WH Correspondent's Dinner.

That Time Stephen Colbert Spoke Truth To Power As It Sat Right Next To Him (VIDEO)

As Stephen Colbert’s blustery pundit character rides into the sunset, we remember the time he got away with insulting Bush to his face. Along with a few others.

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Delusional Anti-Vaxxers Warn Vaccinations Will Turn Your Kids GAY

Delusional Anti-Vaxxers Warn Vaccinations Will Turn Your Kids GAY

An anti-vaccination group has come out with the most ridiculous claim yet: that vaccines cause homosexuality.

by John Prager· · News