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Republicans Taking Longer To Investigate Benghazi Than It Took To Investigate 9-11 (VIDEO)

There is just no excuse for this.

by Randa Morris· · News
Delusional Donald Says He Would ‘Cream’ Obama If He Ran Against Him

Delusional Donald Says He Would ‘Cream’ Obama If He Ran Against Him

Pretty brazen for a guy who has no chance of winning his own party’s nomination.

by Charles Topher· · News
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Federal Judges Throw Out Virginia GOP’s Totally-Not-Racist ‘Redistricting’ Map (VIDEO)

How can Republicans get elected when most of us won’t vote for them? Redistricting! But here’s one thing they can’t get away with.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
Scott Walker and Diane Hendricks. Photo: Brad Lichtenstein/ video screen grab.

That Time Scott Walker Sold Himself To The Highest Bidder And Screwed The Middle Class (VIDEO)

“Any chance we’ll be a completely red state,” the billionairess softly purrs, “and work on those unions?” “Ohh yeahhh,” croons Scott Walker.

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
Senator Mitch McConnell

McConnell Vows To Protect Citizens United And The Fiction Of Corporate Personhood (Video)

Mitch McConnell calls any measure to limit corporate expenditures during elections ‘absurd’.

by Chris Lazare· · News