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Oil slick in Gulf of Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Flickr.)

Oil & Gas Industry Averages 20 Spills A Day For 2013 — And That’s Not All! (VIDEO)

An EnergyWire analysis released May 12 concluded that the U.S. gas and oil industry was liable for at least 7,662 spills of various nature and devastation in 2013 alone, averaging roughly 20 spills per day.

It gets better. Those numbers do not even include data from one of the nation’s highest natural-gas producing states — Louisiana.

by Dylan Hock· · News
Image from Think Progress.

Patients Suffer As Generic Drug Manufactures Aren’t Held Accountable

Why bother holding big pharma and other corporations accountable for hurting people? Thanks a lot, Supreme Court.

by Chris Lazare· · News
DEFINITELY, not as stylish as my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. Photo from

Over 10K Supporters Gather In Rome For Gay Pride (VIDEO)

The massive Gay Pride turn-out is hardly surprising, considering that Rome’s newly appointed Pope appears to be more liberal than his predecessors .

by Elisabeth Parker· · News
Photo screen captured from video by KEZI News.

What Do You Know About Food Stamps? Another US Congressman Fights Cuts, Takes The Challenge (VIDEO)

US Rep. takes the SNAP/Food Stamps challenge: ‘There goes the yogurt. There goes a bunch of protein with the nuts, down to two apples for the week …’

by Elisabeth Parker· · News