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New Jersey Does Not Stand With Chris Christie On Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

Image from ThinkProgress.

Where is Governor Chris Christie on marriage equality? Watch this video to see why 52% of NJ residents might feel angry with him right now.

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Patients Suffer As Generic Drug Manufactures Aren’t Held Accountable

Image from Think Progress.

Why bother holding big pharma and other corporations accountable for hurting people? Thanks a lot, Supreme Court.

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Over 10K Supporters Gather In Rome For Gay Pride (VIDEO)

DEFINITELY, not as stylish as my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. Photo from

The massive Gay Pride turn-out is hardly surprising, considering that Rome’s newly appointed Pope appears to be more liberal than his predecessors .

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What Do You Know About Food Stamps? Another US Congressman Fights Cuts, Takes The Challenge (VIDEO)

Photo screen captured from video by KEZI News.

US Rep. takes the SNAP/Food Stamps challenge: ‘There goes the yogurt. There goes a bunch of protein with the nuts, down to two apples for the week …’

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