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A Female Prison Guard Was About To Be Raped. How These Inmates Reacted Will Shock You (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: NYS Department of Correctional Service

A child rapist strikes again – and this time, things would end a bit differently.

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Shoplifter Who Makes Over $3 Million Is Getting Government Benefits – And She Wants More (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: YouTube (Screengrab)

“It really annoys me when people say I’ve never had a job because I worked at shoplifting for over four ­decades.”

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Haircuts For Homeless Men Reveal Something You Would Never Expect (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: "What's The Difference?" (Screengrabs)

At first I was shocked – and then it made me think.

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Father Teaches His Daughter Not To Steal In The Best Way Possible (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WorldStarHHTV (Screengrab).

This is one 10-year-old that will NEVER be stealing again!

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SNL And Actress Dakota Johnson Offend Everyone With Controversial ISIS Sketch (VIDEO/TWEETS)

Photo Credit: SNL (Screengrab)

This US Army parody definitely struck a nerve.

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Muslim Girl Courageously Sings The National Anthem While Right Wing ‘Christians’ Insult Her (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Tulsa World (screengrab).

A rally to promote religious tolerance was interrupted by so-called Christians armed with Islamophobic signs and slurs.

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Woman Storms Onto School Bus And Slaps The 5-Year-Old Who Bullied Her Son (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: ABC News (Screengrab)

Where was the bus driver when this was happening?!

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A Mother And Her Puppy Were Tied In Sandbags And Thrown From A Car. What Happened Next Is Heartbreaking (IMAGES)

Photo Credit: Santa Clara Country Animal Shelter

I can’t imagine what these poor animals went through.

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What Color Is This Dress? The Internet Has Gone Crazy Trying To Figure It Out (IMAGES)

Photo Credit: Swiked Tumblr

White and gold or blue and black?!

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Woman Visits Emergency Room But Has To Call 911 For Life-saving Treatment (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WGCL-TV (Screengrab)

This woman might have died in the ER if she hadn’t taken matters into her own hands.

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This Homeless Child Was Freezing On The Street For Hours. You Won’t Believe Who Finally Helped Him (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: OckTV/YouTube Screengrab

I got chills when I watched this.

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Parents Ashamed Of Unemployed Son Give Him $250K To Move Out And Never Speak To Them Again

Photo Credit: Pixabay

“I didn’t get into trouble, I was a quiet kid…”

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Soldier Refuses To Tip Server Because He Thinks His Service Should Be Enough (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel Facebook page.

Is this soldier a pompous asshole or is he justified?

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Entire Police Department Lines Up To Say Farewell To K-9 Being Euthanized (IMAGES)

Photo Credit: jim Six

He was still carrying his favorite K-9 training sleeve as he walked into the clinic.

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John McCain Is “Ashamed” Of Himself, President Obama And America – Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: NYGrooveX Twitter

No one is spared as the Senator calls this period in history “a dark chapter.”

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Recruiter Gets The Last Laugh When Man Who Cursed Him Out On Train Shows Up For Job Interview

Recruiter Gets The Last Laugh When Man Who Cursed Him Out On Train Shows Up For Job Interview

Be kind to everyone… you never know when you’ll meet again!

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Watch The Moment When A Pharmacist With Concealed Carry Weapon Saves Store From Armed Robber (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: YouTube (Screengrab)

Surveillance footage captured the quick actions of a pharmacist saving a store full of employees and customers.

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Cops Save Autistic Boy’s Birthday Party After Entire Class Bails (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: John Buratti Facebook

What these officers did for this little boy made the biggest difference.

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Muslims Unite To Form Human ‘Peace Ring’ Around Synagogue To Protect Jews (IMAGES)

Photo Credit: Malik Shafiq

“Islam is about protecting our brothers and sisters, regardless of which religion they belong to.”

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Rudy Giuliani: What I Said About Obama Wasn’t Racist Because His Mom is White (TWEETS)

Photo Credit: Blue Jersey via Flickr

The former NYC Mayor just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole.

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