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Mike Huckabee Accidentally Insults ‘Trashy’ Female Ex-Colleagues At Fox News (AUDIO)

Photo Credit: Mike Huckabee Facebook page.

Huckabee is burning bridges left and right.

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Muslim Woman Sues Police Department For Making Her Remove Her Hijab For Booking Photo

Photo Credit: Arab American News

Your religious freedoms are not stripped at the jailhouse door.

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Christian Woman Tells Lawmakers That Protecting LGBT Rights Makes Bestiality And Necrophilia Okay (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“I have deep love and compassion for all people, as Christ has taught me… that love and compassion does not mean I condone the LGBT lifestyle.”

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Howard Stern Insults “Fat Ugly Motherf*cker” Sam Smith And Singer Responds In Best Way Possible (AUDIO)

Photo Credit: The Howard Stern Show Facebook page and Sam Smith Instagram

There’s no better way to respond to a hater than this!

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Cops Want Google To Disable Police-Tracking Feature On Traffic App

Photo Credit: Waze

Sheriffs are campaigning to make popular traffic app Waze disable its police-reporting function.

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Mom Sues Target For “Walk Of Shame” That She Believes Made Her Son Kill Himself

Photo Credit: Graham Gentles Memorial Facebook Page

Just three days after an embarrassing termination, her son jumped off a hotel roof to his death. Now this mom is fighting to hold Target accountable.

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Mentally Ill Teen Girl Shot Dead By Three Cops In Police Station Lobby

Photo Credit: Kristiana Coignard Facebook

A mentally ill teen went to the police station requesting to speak to an officer. Moments later, she was dead.

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Prison Visitor Forced To Prove She’s Menstruating By Having Her Vagina Searched By Guard

Photo Credit: Let Us Speak Up

What started with an innocent sanitary napkin ended with an invasive inspection.

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Guantanamo Prisoner Describes Torture By Female Guards: ‘We’re Gonna Teach You About Great American Sex’

Photo Credit: RT (Screengrab)

“Of course they didn’t want me to die, but they understand there are many steps before one dies.”

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Deputy Gets ‘Caught Up In The Moment,’ Beats Disabled Inmate So Badly His Dentures Shatter (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (Screengrab).

This video is incredibly disturbing. This cop lost all self-control.

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Catholic Judge Orders Atheist Dad To Attend Mass With His Kids As Part Of Divorce Settlement

Photo Credit: Issagm / Wikipedia

This judge threw freedom of religion out the window – if this atheist doesn’t go to church, he’s going to jail!

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Black Homeless Man Sleeping When He Was Set On Fire By White Teens (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Black Youth Project

These teens should be caught and tried for attempted murder.

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Principal Asks Middle Schoolers To Bring In Canned Food To Attack Intruders

Photo Credit: Darius Norvilas / Flickr

How would you react if your child came home with this letter?!

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Huckabee Challenges The Obamas’ Parenting, Says Kids Are On The Wrong Side Of ‘Cultural Divide’ (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: ABC News (screengrab)

“They’re careful about making sure their kids get a lot of vegetables and eat right. But…”

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Former Street Child Confronts Pope Francis: Why Does God Allow Child Prostitution To Happen?

Photo Credit: Dominic Barrios / CBCP News

In front of 30,000 people, a 12-year-old asks a question that even the Pope doesn’t have an answer for.

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Tennessee Cop Under Investigation After Rubbing 2-Year-Old’s Face In Urine (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WMC Screengrab

The deputy rubbed this poor little boy’s face into the urine-stained carpet like a dog.

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You’ll Never Believe What This Cop’s Dashcam Caught Him Doing (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Dover Police Department (Screengrab)

“While reviewing in-car cameras, we tend to see some ‘interesting’ things.”

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This Anti-Abortion Bill Is So Crazy Even Republican Women Won’t Support It

Photo Credit: WOUB Public Media

The GOP is celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision by proposing horrifying legislation on abortions.

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Target Selling ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Sex Toys Right Next To Children’s Toothbrushes

Photo Credit: RealJeniTalia Twitter

Toothbrushes and vibrating c*ck rings in the same aisle?! Perfect for parents on the go!

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Drunk Ex-SEAL Pretends To Choke Out Obama: “Let This Be A Lesson To You, We Can F*ck You Up” (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Chris Heben (Screengrab)

It’s like these guys were trying to see how many offensive things they could cram into one video!

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