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Rick Santorum Trashes Islam, Implies Only Muslims Are Violent (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: KeystoneUSA-Zuma/Rex Features

Last week at the Values Voter Summit, former Senator turned faith-based movie exec Rick Santorum bashed Muslims, suggesting that those who practice Islam are violent.

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Former Minister Of Canadian Church Comes Out: I’m An Atheist

Wikimedia Commons

Rev. Bob Ripley, a former minister and religious columnist, made a very interesting announcement this week: he’s an atheist.

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 The FBI Invents A Felony Crime To Catch A Corrupt Judge

They invented a defendant named Khoury, staged an arrest, and manufactured court appearances.

How far should the FBI go in sting operations?

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Conservative Laura Ingraham Suggests We Can Stop Rape By Teaching Girls To Dress Modestly (AUDIO)

Photo Credit: Fox News

Why is it so hard for conservative media to put the blame on the people who are really responsible — the attackers?

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Cop Caught Plotting To Shoot ‘F*cking Lunatic’ In The Penis Two Hours Before Killing Him (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Screengrab

For now, Sandy is on administrative leave. He is still allowed to carry his gun and badge.

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5 Girls Ages 11-17  Shot In Mysterious Nightclub Attack

What Is An 11-Year-Old Doing At A Nightclub?Photo Credit: Yumi Kimura from Yokohama, JAPAN

Behind their cordoned-off areas, police crowded The Spot’s entrance, and emergency vehicles blocked traffic for hours.

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Drone Footage Over Hong Kong Protests Reveals The Magnitude Of The Movement (VIDEO)

Drone Footage Over Hong Kong Protests Reveals The Magnitude Of The Movement (VIDEO)

Video footage from an aerial drone has been posted online. The video shows the magnitude of the demonstrations rocking Hong Kong.

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John Boehner Just Told A Truly Epic Lie About President Obama (VIDEO)

John Boehner Just Told A Truly Epic Lie About President Obama (VIDEO)

It is politicians like Boehner who have turned Congress from the forum of the people to a swap shop of favors between the political and corporate class.

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Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant Comes Under Fire For Bizarre, Racist Dress Code (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: TMZ

Fortunately, Hogan put a stop to the dress code as soon as the word got out.

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Over 100,000 Sexually Explicit Photos Of Children Found On Arrested Archbishop’s Computer

Photo credit: Orlando Barria/CNS

Wesolowski’s trial is scheduled for January, and if convicted he could get 12 years in jail.

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8 Wingnut Myths About The President’s Daughters Shot Down

Do You Think Obama's Girls Could Be Adopted?
Photo Credit: White House (Pete Souza) / Maison Blanche (Pete Souza) The Official White House Photostream

The other side makes up some pretty crazy stuff about the President’s family.

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6 Unbelievably Dumb Republican Campaign Ads! (VIDEOS)

Which Of These Do You Think Is The Most Ridiculous Republican Ad?
Photo Credit: Sibe Kokke Source specifies that photographs in that article are licensed under the Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution

These are the official six worst ads in the 2014 off-year election.

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Autopsy Reveals Mentally Ill Prisoner In Solitary Confinement Died Of Thirst

Photo credit: WCNC

Dr. Susan E. Venuti of the North Carolina Medical Examiner’s Office wrote in the autopsy report that several questions in the internal prison report — such as when Kerr had last eaten or drank water — were not answered.

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Two Young Black Girls Are Murdered; Florida News Orgs Blame The Victims

Angelia Mangum(19) Tjhisha Ball (18)

There are lines and ethical boundaries that should never be crossed.

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Tech Exec Boasts About Hiring A Woman For Less: Women Are Just ‘Like Men, Only Cheaper’

Photo credit: Luis Enrique

It’s a shame that people like Thornley are using discrimination and wage gaps to benefit their wallets instead of doing something to combat it.

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Bamboozled Koch Brothers Looking For Money In All The Wrong Places

Do You Think Those In Service Are Invisible To The Rich? Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain / FAQ
Free for commercial use / No attribution required

Koch says that our country’s poor aren’t really, really poor.

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Alabama Falls To Dictator Obama, Sharia Law, Muslim Religion If Dem Sheriff Wins 

How Many People Do You Think Believe Obama Will Become Dictator Obama?
Photo Credit: sheriff car by LilDash
Photography / Still Life / Other

I guess we will find out how many people in DeKalb county believe in a Dictator Obama after the sheriff’s election is called.

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When The Police Stop You On The Street Shut Them Down Like This Guy Did (VIDEO)

Video screen shot

The guy is doing nothing illegal yet he is stopped by the police and is questioned.

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RI Candidate Smokes Weed In Ad, Accuses Government Of Spreading Lies About Pot (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Screengrab

Medical marijuana has just gotten some very public backing from a Rhode Island candidate. In her campaign video, Compassion Party candidate Anne Armstrong not only expressed her support of medical cannabis, but she also admitted that she herself used it- and proved just how genuine her statements were by smoking pot […]

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Man Gets Tased By Police While Praying For Dead Son In ER (VIDEO)

Photo credit: WXPI

Baldwin claims that he was restrained after his stepson’s hospital bed was moved away, and that Grissom was dead when police tried to remove him from the room.

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