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9-Year-Old Writes Her Gay Teacher An Awesome Letter After He Came Out (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: Pink News

After this teacher came out of the closet to his elementary school students, he received this.

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A Homeless Man Gave This Girl His Last $5 So She Could Get Home Safe. How She Repaid Him Is Amazing

Photo Credit: Ross Parry / SWNS

All I can say is…WOW.

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Second Graders Protest Ferguson Police Brutality During Recess

Photo Credit: WHDH Screengrab

Are these little activists too young?

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Far-Right Wing Sites Stoking Hate Towards Muslims Over Subway Sandwiches

Far-Right Wing Sites Stoking Hate Towards Muslims Over Subway Sandwiches

Right Wing sites are using fear- mongering tactics and playing on the Muslim hate of their viewers to turn people against Subway, simply because Subway decided to play to target demographics in other areas of the world.

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Frat Gets Blasted After Racist Xmas Card With Black ‘Beyoncé’ Sex Doll Hits Facebook (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: Phi Delta Theta

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

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NFL Exec Caught Promising Adrian Peterson A Light 2-game Suspension After Child Abuse (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj / USA TODAY Sports

Time after time, we’re seeing that the NFL does not care about punishing its players for their awful behavior.

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Prostitute Helps Investigators Catch The On-Duty Cop Who Raped Her

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Cops who rape are the criminals that no one is talking about – and we desperately need to be.

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Bystanders Posing For Selfies At Sydney Siege Get Shamed On Twitter (IMAGES)

Photo Credit: Instagram

It’s nice to see that being an idiot isn’t received well these days.

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School Uses iPods And Bikes To Bribe Kids To Eat Michelle Obama’s Healthy Lunches

Photo Credit: Chuck Kennedy / White House

Is this even legal?

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Dashcam: Cop Throws 76-Year-Old Man To The Ground And Tasers Him For Expired Inspection (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Victoria Advocate Screengrab

This footage is unsettling, but hopefully it will be enough to kick this cop off the force.

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Jennifer Lawrence Paid Less Than Male ‘American Hustle’ Co-stars

Photo Credit: Eric Thayer/ Reuters

Even being the star of a movie won’t save women from the gender pay gap.

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Cop Gives Egg-Stealing Mother Two Truckloads Of Groceries To Feed Starving Family

Photo Credit: Landov

Not all cops are bad, and this proves it.

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Gun Range Invites Kids To Gun-Handling Photoshoot With Santa Claus (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: WSB-TV Screengrab

“Does his sleigh come with missile launchers?”

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Rape Is Just A ‘Learning Experience’: Princeton Mom Stuns CNN Host In Victim-Blaming Interview (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: CNN Screengrab

Because rape is just another word for “mistake sex,” right?

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There Is A Dog In Britain That Is Over 7 Ft Tall, And He’s Still A Puppy (IMAGES)

Photo Credit: Matt Writtle

Just his food alone costs $120 per week!

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Man Smuggling Drugs Sues U.S. Because Border Patrol Dog Attacked Him

Photo Credit: Tucson Sentinel

“The Border Patrol is taught to kill people. I guess the word sort of gets out that I’m not afraid to sue them.”

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Bank’s Holiday Message To Customers: Your House Might Get Repossessed (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: James Ball

Nothing says Merry Christmas like “Pay us or we’ll take your home!”

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McDonald’s In Switzerland Serves Up Pornography With Its Happy Meals (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: Imgur

The Swiss really go out of their way to please their customers.

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NYC Luxury Building Installs ‘Poor Fences’ To Separate Middle-Income Renters From Wealthier Residents

Photo Credit: Brigitte Stelzer

This high rise found an awful way to separate residents by income.

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Newly Released Audio Of Cop Requesting Help After Michael Brown Was Shot: ‘There’s Going To Be A Problem’

Photo Credit: YouTube

A new evidence dump by the prosecutor’s office gives us more insight into what happened after the unarmed black teenager was shot.

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