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Male Guard Videotaping Female Strip Search Can’t Look, Federal Judge Rules 4th Amendment Violation

“It is plainly unconstitutional to require a female inmate to expose herself, particularly to the extreme degree required during a strip search, in the presence of a male officer. [Assuming] the male officer doing the videotaping was able somehow to avert his eyes while using the camera.”
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  The woman stands nude before an anonymous man who is holding a video camera. Why? She has committed the “horrible” crime of being suicidal or needing protective custody or merely breaking a rule. Every one of the women at this all-female prison, in Western Massachusetts, Regional Women’s Correctional Center, who […]

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Beloved Grandma Falls 11 Times In A Medicare 5-Star Rated Nursing Home (VIDEO)

“He’s not doing very well,” the nurse said…And indeed he was not doing well. Rigor mortis had already set in, meaning the elderly resident had been dead for hours.
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In the middle of the night, at its loneliest hour no one really knows what happens to the hundreds of thousands of people who live in nursing homes. People who must depend upon others for all of their needs like helping them get to the bathroom or move from an […]

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Snoop Dogg Turns Himself Into A White Man. But Why? (VIDEO)

Snoop Dogg's Todd says he enjoys,
"Crocheting, paintball and spoken word poetry."
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Snoop Dogg and I have something in common. We both know someone named “Todd.” But the Todd I knew was in my 6th grade class. I remember where he sat in the alphabetically ordered room. But I can’t remember his last name. And I have no idea what happened to […]

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Little Children Run For Their Lives From Soldiers Armed With Tear Gas  (VIDEO)

Soldiers dash between buildings, rifles at the ready, tear gas seeping over the children, “suffocating plumes of tear gas smoke."
Photo Credit: International Solidarity Movement

Imagine what it would be like for little kids who live with attacks from soldiers who hunt them as easily as some hunt rats at the junk yard. That is the life of these little ones. The school year has begun and your six-year-old is off to school. He is […]

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Called “Porky,” Told By Male Colleague: “I Like My Girls Chubby”

Photo credit: AP

Sexism is an issue that infiltrates every aspect of our society, and even women in the most respected, authoritative positions aren’t free from those attitudes. In her upcoming memoir, New York’s junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) openly speaks about her experiences with male colleagues, who would often pass rude, inappropriate […]

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Boston Marathon Bombers’ Sister Arrested Over Bomb Threat

Photo credit: WBZ-TV

On Wednesday, the 24-year-old sister of the two accused Boston Marathon bombers was arrested for making a bomb threat. Ailina Tsarnaeva, sister to Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was arrested in New York City after telling a woman on the phone: “I have people that can go over there and put […]

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WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES — ISIS Releases Horrifying Video Executing 250 Captured Syrian Soldiers (VIDEO) (IMAGES)

ISIS captures air base and soldiers. Release video of execution. This undated image posted Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014 by the Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group, a Syrian opposition group, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows Abu Moussa al-Ansari, a fighter from the Islamic State group, who they say was killed in the battle for the Tabqa air base, in Raqqa, Syria. A U.N. commission on Wednesday accused the extremist Islamic State organization of committing crimes against humanity with attacks on civilians, as pictures emerged of the extremists' bloody takeover of a Syrian military air base that added to the international organization’s claims. (AP Photo/ Raqqa Media Center of the Islamic State group)

ISIS released a terrifying video of the terrorists marching 250 Syrians soldiers hostages then executing them. Reuters confirmed the authenticity of the video through an ISIS fighter. It has not been verified independently. The fighter said, “Yes, we have executed them all.” ISIS supporters have issued a statement and posted […]

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Top 10 Things About Money To Blame On President Obama

When there’s less worry about money, fewer people will get divorces, the number of battered women will go down and the kids will do better in school. Thanks a lot, Obama.
Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson, Menlo Park, USA who is not affiliated with in any way.

OMG! You won’t believe what President Obama has done now. Everything these days is the president’s fault. So let me show you his top 10 economy faults.  The deficit dropped 70 percent from President Obama’s first year in office. That means the deficit hawks who have been poo-ing all over […]

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White Ex-Marine Brutally Attacked By Black Crowd In Michael Brown ‘Revenge’ Warning

Photo credit: Right Side News

Ralph Weems, a 32-year-old former marine and David Knighten, who used to work in the Air Force in Afghanistan, were injured early Saturday morning when they were attacked by a group of African American men at a Mississippi restaurant. Knighten went to a Waffle House early that Saturday morning to […]

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Ron Paul Got Caught Bribing And Stealing Michele Bachmann’s Presidential Campaign Co-Chair

Paul's man, Benton, met Bachman’s man in a bathroom of an Iowa restaurant. And Benton handed the turncoat a check for $25,000.
No photo attribution required.

  Woah. Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) stole Representative Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) co-chair of her presidential campaign six days before the 2012 Iowa Caucus. Paul bought and paid for the guy? Yes. And wasn’t that rude! It is a wonderful story of intrigue and drama. So what how much did Kent […]

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GOP Senate Uses Footage Of James Foley Execution In Campaign Ad, Ignoring Family’s Wishes

GOP Senate Uses Footage Of James Foley Execution In Campaign Ad, Ignoring Family’s Wishes

On Monday, retired U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Colonel and Republican New Mexico nominee Allen Weh released an ad that included imagery from American journalist James Foley’s execution. In the ad, Foley’s executioner appears at the 32-second mark. Less than a week after Foley had been beheaded, a cousin of the […]

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Sarah Palin Gets Her Son A Fantastic Dog, It Is Neither Republican Nor Democrat (VIDEO)

Both political parties can find common ground. It may be around the importance of service dogs or simply a love of dogs. We may agree about supporting wounded veterans and their needs or families who have a child with Down Syndrome. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Well it’s official. It seems there is a new member in the Palin household who touches the hearts of Democrats and Republicans alike. Her name is Jill Hadassah, and she is a service dog. This beautiful black girl’s job is to assist Trig, Palin’s youngest child. Palin and her family […]

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Rick Perry Uses Failed Lehmberg Coup To Slingshot Himself Toward White House (VIDEO)

But Perry seems to thrive on political wrong turns. And who knows? Maybe his knack for going bassackward will catapult him into the 2016 presidential election. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Rick Perry is not guilty…at least in his own befuddled mind. And the worse it gets, the more he seems to thrive. The court has indicted the guy for trying to coerce Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg out of office. And he has the cojones to defend his actions against […]

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9-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Fires Gun At Shooting Instructor, Killing Him (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Bullets And Burgers

On Monday, a 9-year-old girl on vacation with her parents in Dolan Springs, Arizona accidentally shot her shooting instructor in the head, killing him. The footage above has just been released by the Mojave County Sheriff’s office. Charles Vacca, the 39-year-old instructor at the Bullets and Burgers shooting range, was […]

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Suspect With Asthma Dies In Police Custody: ‘You Can Talk, So You Can Breathe’

Photo credit: CBS

In September 2013, Los Angeles police officers arrested 26-year-old Jorge Azucena for running a red light and fleeing from officers. After being handcuffed, Azucena died in police custody as officers ignored his pleas for help, stating that he had asthma and could not breathe. Last week, two reports verified that […]

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Ex-Cop Gets Gun Rights Restored Even Though He Tried To Rape Woman With Firearm

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The decision of a Georgia appeals court to restore gun rights to former police officer Dennis Krauss is hard to comprehend. Krauss, who had previously tried to sexually assault a woman with a gun while he was a cop, has just been allowed to possess a gun again. Krauss’ record […]

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Pastor Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Jail Gays For ‘Ten Years Hard Labor’ (VIDEO)

Pastor Proposes Constitutional Amendment To Jail Gays For ‘Ten Years Hard Labor’ (VIDEO)

It can safely be said that not every person uses their power and influence for good. Michael V. Williams is a pastor with a large Internet following for his website. In his videos and posts, Williams teaches political lessons based on conservative Christian views. On Monday, a Preaching Politics […]

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Cops Looking For Gun-Waving Men Take Aim At Mother And Young Kids Instead (VIDEO)

Image Source: Dashboard camera screen capture

Kametra Barbour, a woman in Texas, does not know why she and her young kids were pulled over in their red Nissan Maximum if police in the area were responding to a call regarding a tan Toyota with four black males. One of the males was reported to be waving […]

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Fox News Host Kicks Black Lawyers Off Show After They Say She’s ‘Distracting’ From Michael Brown’s Death (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Fox News

On a Justice with Judge Jeanine episode that aired on August 24th, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro kicked two African American lawyers off her show after they called her out on “distracting” from the death of fatally shot black teen Michael Brown by making tiny details from witness accounts her […]

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Missouri Police Officer Calls Ferguson Protesters ‘Rabid Dogs’

Photo credit: AFP

On Friday, the police department in Glendale, St. Louis suspended officer Michael Pappert over his Facebook comments about Ferguson protesters. In one of five posts, the officer wrote: “I’m sick of these protesters. You are a burden on society and a blight on the community. These protesters should have been […]

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