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Poll: Brits View Atheists As More Moral Than Believers, Religion More Harmful Than Good (VIDEO)

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Are you religious, losing your religion… or was it lost long ago?

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UK Parliament Members Stand For Palestine: Israel Is War Criminal 2014 (Facebook Blocked VIDEO)

UK Parliament Members Stand For Palestine: Israel Is War Criminal 2014 (Facebook Blocked VIDEO)

In the past few months, UK members of parliament have changed the course of history.

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PBS Science Reporter Slams Fox News For Their Ignorant And Scary Coverage Of Ebola (VIDEO)

Miles O'Brien slams Fox News via Raw Story

PBS science correspondent Miles O’Brien thoroughly blasted Fox for needlessly frightening the public about the dangers of Ebola to Americans and for being ignorant about the virus in the first place.

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Wealthy Oil Company Founder Trashes Atheists And Other Minority Groups On Facebook (IMAGE And VIDEO)

Image of Lucas Oil Stadium (uploaded to Wikimedia by Piotrus)

Yet another wealthy white business owner has been caught whining about and trashing religious and racial minority groups in this country, and she’s the founder of an oil corporation.

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White House Invaded Due To Shocking Security Lapses (VIDEO)

It's about time we hire that badass to bring back some of the Social Security glory days.
Photo Credit: Public Domain

The House’s Oversight Panel’s Subcommittee On National Security met Tuesday to find out how these rings of defense failed so badly.

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 The FBI Invents A Felony Crime To Catch A Corrupt Judge

They invented a defendant named Khoury, staged an arrest, and manufactured court appearances.

How far should the FBI go in sting operations?

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5 Girls Ages 11-17  Shot In Mysterious Nightclub Attack

What Is An 11-Year-Old Doing At A Nightclub?

Photo Credit: Yumi Kimura from Yokohama, JAPAN

Behind their cordoned-off areas, police crowded The Spot’s entrance, and emergency vehicles blocked traffic for hours.

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Bamboozled Koch Brothers Looking For Money In All The Wrong Places

Do You Think Those In Service Are Invisible To The Rich? Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain / FAQ
Free for commercial use / No attribution required

Koch says that our country’s poor aren’t really, really poor.

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Alabama Falls To Dictator Obama, Sharia Law, Muslim Religion If Dem Sheriff Wins 

How Many People Do You Think Believe Obama Will Become Dictator Obama?
Photo Credit: sheriff car by LilDash
Photography / Still Life / Other

I guess we will find out how many people in DeKalb county believe in a Dictator Obama after the sheriff’s election is called.

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See If Sarah Palin Ever Eats At KS Pancake Fundraiser. She And Cranky McCain Try To Save Senate

Will Sarah Palin Campaigning Help Sen. Pat Roberts?
Photo Credit: Shemp Howard, Jr. at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by User:Kelly using Common

The 2014 race changed when the Democrat basically ran out of money and chose to withdraw from the three-way campaign, leaving independent Greg Orman to face Roberts man-to-man.

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“Stealing” Water From Drought-Ridden California Desert? Thanks, Nestle.

Do You Drink Bottled Water Or Tap Water? Why?
Photo Credit: The Sierra Club

Do you see all of those cute bottles of Arrowhead and Pure Life brand water chilling near your local checkout stand? Nestle® “makes” them.

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“I Like My Girls Chubby,” Man Who Sexually Harassed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D–N.Y.) Revealed

Would You Forgive A Man Who Called You "Chubby?"
Photo Credit: U.S. Government Printing Office US Congress

She kept the names of her abusers quiet, but the New York Times identified Inouye and what he said.

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U.S. Going Under For 3rd Time, Chomsky Holding The Life Jacket (PART 2)

What Do You Fear? 
Photo Credit: originally posted to Flickr as P3200204
Duncan Rawlinson

You know that time just after we get into bed, turn out the light and close our eyes? Then here it comes. Fear. Fear of the enemy. We are afraid of ISIS and ISIL and The Islamic Nation and D’esh. Never mind that they all refer to the same group […]

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Innocent Residents Defend Themselves Against Mistaken SWAT Team Raids: Black Victim Faces Death Penalty, Charges Dismissed In White Victim Case (IMAGES)

Should No-Knock Raids End?
Photo Credit:

Let’s get smart here. There is no need to risk the lives of the police and the community members.

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U.S. Going Under For 3rd Time, Chomsky Holding The Life Jacket (PART 1)

What Do You Fear? 
Photo Credit: originally posted to Flickr as P3200204
Duncan Rawlinson

We have a shadow army called JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) run out of the Oval Office. Noam Chomsky is a truth-teller, and he tells of some truths in an interview with Free Speech Radio News’s Catherine Komp, “It’s dangerous, but it’s the kind of thing an investigative reporter could […]

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“LoneWolf” Terrorist Pledges To Target Americans, Wherever They Congregate

Do You Feel Safe From Lone Wolves?
Photo Credit: Rob Boudon - Flickr: New Years Eve 1999-2000 - Times Square

A “lone wolf” makes his way through the crowds. Stealthy. Armed. And deadly. He is at in the amusement parks, sporting events and even at parades. He is on the bridges and inside tunnels. Lone wolves find fertile hunting ground anywhere tourist attractions exist and in every U.S. city where tourism […]

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Cop-Killer Survivalist “Extremely Dangerous,” Focus Of Massive Manhunt

Can The Killer Survivalist Escape The Police?
Photo Credit: CHP-Swat-TeamPublic Domain
CHPSocialMedia - Own work

Law enforcement does not know why Frein shot the troopers. But under these circumstances, why is not as important as how and when.

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“Is Being Gay A Choice?” Gay Response Brings Straight Guy To Tears (VIDEO)

Can Straight People Choose To Be Gay?

Photo Credit: vlogger SupDaily06

Can you watch this video without coming to tears? I couldn’t.

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Son Of Police Officer In Coma After 50,000-Volt Tasing For Traffic Stop

Is There An Epidemic Of Police Brutality In Our Country?
Photo Credit: Yannick Gingras

When even one police officer believes that the force is at war with people, when there is a warrior mentality, we are the enemy. What will it take for them to become our protectors?

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Did Bush And Cheney Pave The Way For ISIL?

Who Do You Think Had The Greater Control In The War On Terror? Bush Or Cheney?

Photo Credit: Dick Cheney - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2004 World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney and President Bush birthed the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” [ISIL], which is the greatest threat in the Middle East at the moment. How? The Cheney/Bush regeme created the fertile grounds with an unnecessary war in Iraq. It was just a matter of time before […]

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