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GOP Whip Tells Fox Obama Cares About Basketball More Than Federal Budget (VIDEO)

Photo meme by Elisabeth Parker for Addicting Info. Feel free to share!

Did House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) really say that President Barack Obama cares more about the March Madness college basketball spreads than about balancing the federal budget?

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Obama Attacks House On Debt Ceiling While GOP Plots Default And Government Shut Down (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama scolded the GOP House on their refusal to raise the debt limit --to pay  for expenses Congress had already authorized -- during his press conference on Monday, January 14th, 2013. Screen capture from a video by The Washington Post.

Republicans think the US Government works like Todd Akin’s concept of a raped woman’s uterus: When threatened by increased spending, ‘the whole thing shuts down.’

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Obama’s Not Done Yet – Will Seek New Tax Increases On Rich In 2013

Obama speaking on fiscal cliff deal Jan. 1

The fact that Obama came right out of the gate after the fiscal cliff deal saying he plans to raise taxes on the wealthy – yet again – makes me proud of the guy

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