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Make No Mistake About It, Pope Francis Is Not LGBT Friendly

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“If someone is gay… who am I to judge?” Well, Pope Francis, you just proclaimed judgment against the LGBT community… again.

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The Vatican Releases A Video About Women That Is So Embarrassing, They Remove It (VIDEO)

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This is so bad, you’ll wish it was a parody.

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After Listening To Women, Longtime Anti-Abortion Congressman Becomes Pro-Choice

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A six term congressman and lifelong opponent of abortion rights has finally changed his mind, and all it took was for him to start talking with and listening to women.

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Pope Francis Says God ‘Always Forgives Us’ No Matter What

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The Pope says God forgives us and loves us always. Now can some members of the GOP take note?

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Pope Francis To Big Oil And Others: God Says Go Frack Yourself And Stop Destroying The World (VIDEO)

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This past week, the Pope has let the world know his views on climate change, climate deniers, deforestation and man’s abuse of nature.

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Catholic Judge Orders Atheist Dad To Attend Mass With His Kids As Part Of Divorce Settlement

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This judge threw freedom of religion out the window – if this atheist doesn’t go to church, he’s going to jail!

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Former Street Child Confronts Pope Francis: Why Does God Allow Child Prostitution To Happen?

Photo Credit: Dominic Barrios / CBCP News

In front of 30,000 people, a 12-year-old asks a question that even the Pope doesn’t have an answer for.

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The Supreme Court Has Agreed To Hear Same Sex Marriage Case–Landmark Ruling Expected

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The Supreme Court will address two questions. The answers will be heard around the world.

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A Must Listen: Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt’s Epic Take-Down Of Catholic League’s Donohue (AUDIO)

Hugh Hewitt took it to Bill Donohue on remark about the Charlie Hebdon murders.

The Chairman of the Catholic League thought he was going to have another softball interview with Hugh Hewitt. It didn’t quite go the way he planned.

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Radical Right Are Losing Their Sh!t Over Pope’s Encyclical On Climate Change (TWEETS)

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Right wing blogs and nutters on social media are exploding over Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on climate change. They’re frickin’ losing it!

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Catholic Archbishop: A Woman Is Not “Simply An Incubator” For Childbirth

The Archbishop of Ireland has strayed away from traditional Catholic teachings, saying that a woman is not “simply an incubator” for childbirth.

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Pope Francis Celebrates 78th Birthday By Giving Hundreds Of Homeless People Sleeping Bags

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This is what “love thy neighbor” really means.

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Santa Is Satan! Pastor Joins Atheists In ‘War On Christmas’ (VIDEO)

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Is Christmas about religion, capitalism, a combination of the two, or something entirely different? Is this the season of Santa Claus or Satan Claws?!?

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Catholic League’s Donohue: Atheists Are Insane, Need Therapy, And Die Young (VIDEO)

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“Militant” atheists die prematurely, are unhappy and are more likely to end up in an “asylum.” Really?

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Poll: Brits View Atheists As More Moral Than Believers, Religion More Harmful Than Good (VIDEO)

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Are you religious, losing your religion… or was it lost long ago?

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Pope Francis: You’re Not Communist If You Care For The Poor, Criticize Capitalism (VIDEO)

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What do you think of Pope Francis? His message is quite progressive.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses To Pay $13.5 Million: Child Sexual Abuse Isn’t Just A Catholic Problem (VIDEO)

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In religious circles, child sexual abuse isn’t just a Catholic problem.

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Priest Bashes Gays In Sermon, Grandmother Interrupts With The Perfect Response (VIDEO)

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On ABC Australia’s ‘Please Like Me’, a grandmother who cares for her homosexual son stands up and delivers an inspirational response to a homophobic priest.

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Over 100,000 Sexually Explicit Photos Of Children Found On Arrested Archbishop’s Computer

Photo credit: Orlando Barria/CNS

Wesolowski’s trial is scheduled for January, and if convicted he could get 12 years in jail.

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Pope Apologizes To The Abused For Sins Of The Church

I beg your forgiveness, too, for the sins of omission on the part of Church leaders who did not respond adequately to reports of abuse made by family members, as well as by abuse victims themselves.

On Monday Pope Francis expressed personal “sorrow” to victims of clergy sex abuse in a strongly worded private mass at the Vatican Chapel. The scandal of a systemic cover up of abused children first came to light under John Paul II in 1979, and has shaken the Roman Catholic Church. […]

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