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Speaker Boehner, House Republicans, Open To Federal Probe Regarding Garner Death

John Boehner, House Republicans, are calling on federal investigations into the death or Eric Garner.

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Obama Attacks House On Debt Ceiling While GOP Plots Default And Government Shut Down (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama scolded the GOP House on their refusal to raise the debt limit --to pay  for expenses Congress had already authorized -- during his press conference on Monday, January 14th, 2013. Screen capture from a video by The Washington Post.

Republicans think the US Government works like Todd Akin’s concept of a raped woman’s uterus: When threatened by increased spending, ‘the whole thing shuts down.’

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Will Romney Choose Another Sarah Palin As An Answer To The War On Women?

New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte

In keeping with the political axiom that appearance is everything what better way to prove there is no Republican War against women then for Romney to choose a woman as a running mate?

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