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Mother Asks Reddit A Simple Question, Gets 11,000 Of The Creepiest Responses You’ve Ever Seen (IMAGES)

Stock Photo of Woman at Computer (Image via SodaHead)

You might want to be in a well-lit room with company when you read these responses.

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Woman Tries To Give Away A Child At Alabama Walmart

Woman Tries To Give Away A Child At Alabama Walmart

Apparently, children aren’t part of the Walmart return policy.

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Another NRA-Approved Tragedy: 5-Year-Old Boy Kills Baby Brother With Gun Lying Around House (VIDEO)

Image from Shoot from the Left Hip.

A five-year-old boy in Missouri is now scarred for life after he shot and killed his nine-month-old baby brother with a gun he found in his parent’s bedroom – the same room the baby’s playpen was located. The NRA must be ecstatic.

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Principal Asks Middle Schoolers To Bring In Canned Food To Attack Intruders

Photo Credit: Darius Norvilas / Flickr

How would you react if your child came home with this letter?!

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Target Selling ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Sex Toys Right Next To Children’s Toothbrushes

Photo Credit: RealJeniTalia Twitter

Toothbrushes and vibrating c*ck rings in the same aisle?! Perfect for parents on the go!

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Children on Medicaid Go On To Make Better Money, Contributing More In Taxes

Photo Credit: Nevit Dilmen / Wikipedia Commons

A new study finds a link between accessible healthcare, earnings and taxes.

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Supreme Court Forces 17-Year-Old To Undergo Chemo Against Her Will (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: NBC (Screengrab)

She knows she’ll die without treatment – but does the state have the right to interfere?

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A 2-Year-Old Has A Conversation With Her Dad About Her Value And Her Worth (VIDEO)

A 2-Year-Old Has A Conversation With Her Dad About Her Value And Her Worth (VIDEO)

This is a video that all princesses, young ladies, women, fathers and sons need to watch.

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Father Asks Cop To Supervise His Daughter’s Spanking

Photo Credit: Fritz von Dardel / Wikipedia

The debate between discipline and child abuse continues with this odd case.

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Pot Tax Adds $40+ Million To Colorado’s Economy: Crime, Traffic Deaths And Unemployment Are Down

Image via, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

The critics were wrong… Colorado’s marijuana legalization experiment is a success! Will your state be next?

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6-Year-Old Dies In Father’s Arms While Waiting For Hospital To See Him (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: LEX18 (Screengrab)

The words “wait your turn” cost one little boy his life.

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Heroic Cops Form Human Safety Net, Save Family Jumping From Burning Home (VIDEO)

Image via video screen capture:

While we protest police abuse and force the system to recognize that #‎BlackLivesMatter, it’s meaningful to remember that good cops like these are on the beat. Many are allies in the cause and want change. Let’s support police that want to root out the bad apples and fix the system. #GoodCopsMatter!

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Parents Are Furious Over A Play-Doh Toy That Looks Like A Dil-Doh! (PIX/COMMENTS)

Image via Twitter:

Some of the Facebook comments we captured (before Play-Doh had a chance to delete them) are hilarious!

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Single Mom Can’t Step Foot In Her 6-Year-Old’s School After Religious Feud

Photo Credit: Nathan Dyer / The Herald Sun

A primary school’s immaturity has left a young boy devastated and crying for his mother.

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Radio Host Dr. Laura Schlessinger Heartlessly Calls For All Pit Bulls To Be Put To Death (AUDIO)

Image via Wikimedia, uploaded by user miggslives

Dog lovers beware. You are about to become enraged.

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Top 10 Christmas Songs For Ammosexuals (VIDEO)

Image from Facebook, Edited to remove phone number and website.

#10) Santa Claus Is Coming To Take Away All Your Guns. What’s your favorite Christmas Song for Ammosexuals?

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Controversial PSA Tells Kids To Bring Their Parent’s Guns To School (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Rejina Sincic YouTube Screengrab

“This video is so monumentally stupid that if any youth does something like this after watching it, the producers should face charges.”

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Is It Okay For Parents To Prance Around Naked In Front Of Their Kids? (VIDEO)

Image Source:

Is is okay to be naked in front of your children? We’ve heard from parents. Here’s one child’s experience. Frank Minero was raised by a naked parent and he’s not afraid to talk about it.

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Second Graders Protest Ferguson Police Brutality During Recess

Photo Credit: WHDH Screengrab

Are these little activists too young?

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School Uses iPods And Bikes To Bribe Kids To Eat Michelle Obama’s Healthy Lunches

Photo Credit: Chuck Kennedy / White House

Is this even legal?

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