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Pope Francis Gives Christmas Presents To Poor Immigrants In Latest Liberal Move

John Darkow, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri

Christmas is a time for giving. This year, Pope Francis did something for poor immigrants that a conservative wouldn’t be caught dead doing here in America.

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Connecticut Cops Step In To Give Newtown Officers Christmas Off

Newtown officers get Christmas day off  @ CBA/

‘When something like this happens … it’s a police thing. We’ll always try to help out neighboring towns. Any time there’s a tragedy, we’ll try our best to lend a helping hand.’

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For Christ’s Sake, Leave The ‘Christ’ Out Of Christmas

Winter Holidays Celebrating the Solstice
By N.S. Gill,

Let’s begin with the most obvious and the most commonly accepted myth: Jesus was NOT born on December 25th.

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Top 10 Selfless Gifts

Courtesy of   Peachii

By the time you’ve given, those worries you had will melt away. And you will likely end up feeling that you’ve received a gift in return.

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