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Is Obama About To End Police Militarization?

Is Obama About To End Police Militarization?

President Obama, right now, has a chance to reverse this disastrous policy from the darkest days of the Bush regime. But will he?

by Walt Dismay· · Current Issues, News
A girl with guns and bullets; @TheAtlanticWire

Tinfoil Hat Alert — The Department Of Homeland Security Is NOT Stockpiling Bullets For Civil Unrest

Where did the myth originate? If you recognize that name, it’s because it’s the website of psychotic pro-gun conservative Alex Jones.

by Justin Acuff (Isaacs)· · News
From Occupy SF album:

Occupy Wall Street Is The Voice of A Generation, Catch Up Here (Pics, Video)

The Revolution will not be televised, but it is being live-streamed right now. Right now as I write, thousands of people are marching through New York City to Union Square. Even as many news outlets dismiss, ignore and blackout the Occupy Wall Street rebellion, the movement is gathering force like a wave that soon will crest and smash on the shore of capitalism.

Riots in London. Image from

London Riots a Harbinger for Future GOP-Led Austerity Inequities?

After the riots in London and other cities in Great Britain last week, the true cause for the extent of the violence and mayhem must still be determined. Though many community leaders in the affected areas are citing social and economic inequities as the chief cause of its, almost viral, spread.