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Fox News == Terrorists (VIDEO)

Fox News == Terrorists (VIDEO)

Fox News is a terrorist organization, and directly feeds the necessary distortion and information to those they need to carry out terrorist acts.

by Nathaniel Downes· · News
The Bushmaster

Macho Marketing Of Gun Used In Newtown Massacre

When it’s you against, say, a ravening horde of government-entitled ‘moochers’ and other undesirables, you want something like the Bushmaster at hand.

by David K. Keene· · News
One of the "Ryan Lanza" Facebook fan pages...

Facebook Fan Pages For Connecticut Killer: Horror Metastasizes To Ignorance

Aggrandizing a killer for a laugh, for the shock value of it, is intolerable on any day. Today … don’t tolerate it.

by Lorraine Devon Wilke· · Current Issues, News
Ryan Grim’s tweet re. “anti-massacre activists’s” rally @

‘Anti-Massacre Activists’ – New Name For Gun Control Advocates – To Protest At White House Today

Our children, our families and our fellow citizens are being massacred. There’s no other word for it.

by Lorraine Devon Wilke· · Current Issues, News