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CPAC Speaker Not ‘Apologizing For Being White,’ Thinks Hillary Clinton And Elizabeth Warren Are ‘Male’ (VIDEO)

CPAC Speaker Not ‘Apologizing For Being White,’ Thinks Hillary Clinton And Elizabeth Warren Are ‘Male’ (VIDEO)

Stepford’s calling — they’re missing one of their wives. She claims she’s not a women hater as she hates on women. No really.

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John McCain Is “Ashamed” Of Himself, President Obama And America – Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: NYGrooveX Twitter

No one is spared as the Senator calls this period in history “a dark chapter.”

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GOP Yahoo Yoho Says God Being Taken Out Of America– Oh, And We Need A Holy War (VIDEO)

GOP Yahoo Yoho Says God Being Taken Out Of America– Oh, And We Need A Holy War (VIDEO)

Florida Rep. Ted Yoho thinks that God is being taken out of America. And we need God on our side to beat ISIS/ISIL. Sounds mighty Crusades-ish to me.

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Fox News Invites War Criminal Donald Rumsfeld To Give Obama Advice On War Crimes (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Fox News (Screengrab)

Count on Fox to kiss up to the one guy we shouldn’t be taking any war advice from.

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Slain Muslim Students’ Friend Slams Republicans For Dehumanizing Muslims (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: CNN (Screengrab)

Fox News, he’s looking at you.

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Gun Rights Activist Complains About Having To Unload Guns Around Children’s Schools (AUDIO)

Photo Credit:

To this gun activist, the inconvenience of unloading a gun takes priority over keeping kids safe.

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School Assignment Teaches Kids That Republicans Think The Poor Are ‘A Waste Of Money’ (IMAGE)

Photo Credit: Heather Bronnson / Fox News

Parents are terrified this assignment portrays conservatives negatively and will turn their children into liberals!

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GOP Politician’s Press Secretary Compares Black People To Zoo Animals In Racist Facebook Posts

Photo Credit: Benjamin Cole Facebook (Screenshot)

The press secretary for Aaron Schock has some strong views on race and gentrification.

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Scott Walker Wants To Cut $300 Million In Education While Building $500 Million Basketball Arena

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Someone desperately needs to have their priorities checked.

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GOP Lawmaker Almost Breaks Down As He Learns Fate Of LGBT Discrimination Bill (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: YouTube (Screengrab)

What do you think of this Republican’s reaction?

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‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Explains Why Republicans And Democrats Can’t Date (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Comedy Central (Screenshot)

Would you ever be in an inter-political relationship?

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Scholars Blast Fox ‘News’ For Calling College Course On Racism ‘Anti-White’ (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Fox News Screenshot

“Fox should realize it is just not about them and their favorite audience.”

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Mike Huckabee Accidentally Insults ‘Trashy’ Female Ex-Colleagues At Fox News (AUDIO)

Photo Credit: Mike Huckabee Facebook page.

Huckabee is burning bridges left and right.

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Huckabee Challenges The Obamas’ Parenting, Says Kids Are On The Wrong Side Of ‘Cultural Divide’ (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: ABC News (screengrab)

“They’re careful about making sure their kids get a lot of vegetables and eat right. But…”

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This Anti-Abortion Bill Is So Crazy Even Republican Women Won’t Support It

Photo Credit: WOUB Public Media

The GOP is celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision by proposing horrifying legislation on abortions.

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Justin Bieber Attends Gay Republican Meeting (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Justin Bieber Twitter (Screengrab)

Something tells us he may have just fit right in.

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Conservatives Believe That Obama Is The Most Liberal President Since LBJ, And They’re Right

Courtesy of

The conservative nightmares are finally being realized, Obama is flexing his liberal muscle.

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Curt Schilling Whines He’s Being Kept Out Of Baseball Hall Of Fame Because He’s A Conservative

Image via

Former MLB pitcher and right-wing loon Curt Schilling is whining about not being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame this year and now he’s playing the victim, claiming that he’s being denied entry because of his conservative views.

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Following Paris Attack, Fox Anchors Say Racial Profiling Can Help Spot ‘Typical Bad Guys’ (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Media Matters Screengrab

“Do we even know what color they were, what the tone of their skin was?”

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Princeton Mom: Rape Is Just ‘Bad Manners’ And Schools Shouldn’t Teach Kids Otherwise (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Fox & Friends (Screengrab)

After accusing rape victims of having “mistake sex”, Susan Patton goes on Fox & Friends to share more of her awful views.

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